Monday, January 7, 2013

Uh-oh. I've got the itch to...

paint some walls!!!

Yep. Every January I look around this old farmhouse and get antsy for a new look. What's the quickest and least expensive way to do that??
Say it with me... "Paint some walls!"

I've been staring down our den. I'm even thinking about painting over my American flag walls.
**GASP** Yes, it's true. I have my reasons, but won't get into it. I still can't bring myself to it just yet though. So until then, I can lighten up the room by painting the walls on the opposite side of the room.


The barn siding on the lower half will stay, but I want to brighten up the top half. Martha Stewart paint at the Home Depot has an awesome color called "Burlap." I used her "Graham Cracker Crust" in out keeping room and LOVE the color.
Knowing Martha,
(well, not personally) I don't think I'll be disappointed in the color. I just need to hoof it over to HD and grab me some.

I'd better do it before Stella's arrival. I won't be doing much after that except for pee pee/poo duty.

Happy Monday, everyone!
:> )


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Peri said...

2013seems to be a good time to go ahead to make changes that one was not completely certain of in 2012...this may be the"year of the brave". You are getting Stella, Susan is actually getting a short haircut again, and I am re-doing my bedroom, including all new furniture in there. My room is currently lavender (Wild Orchid) and we are going to do it over in gray with black and white and gold accents. So, do the accent wall and then, while singing patriotic songs, paint the flag wall also!! Whatever the reason to do it--be brave and do! Because..(wait for it) you can always change it back!! Can't wait to see the new look!!

Diana said...

Can't wait to see...Almost time to get your new baby too!!!

Tina said...

I'll be checking in for sure to see what youre up to. It'll be great whatever you choose to do. I love me a fresh coat of paint.

Primitive Stars said...

Sounds like a great color, yes, knowing Martha, it will be wonderful, Happy Painting, Francine.

Susan said...

Go for it Kiddo. You will be so busy taking pictures of that new baby that you wont have time to do much else. Rock on with your bad self.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I bought the paint! YaY!! I'll get crackin' first thing in the morning. :> )

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