Thursday, January 17, 2013

What a week...

It's Thursday already?!

Holy smokes!!! Between trying to create, clean, puppy proof and load up with firewood; I've completely lost track of time.

Then I had to run to the pet store. What a mistake that was. There are a gazillion different kinds of dog food!
I know the importance of quality dog food so I'm a label reader. But I also have an attention span "problem."
Let's just say I have none. So it was a bit overwhelming.
I ended up getting Orijen. They are a company out of Canada. From what I read, they sound like a responsible company.
I do know I will have to slowly introduce the food to Stella. Otherwise I'll need to wear a hooded rain slicker and a clothespin on my nose.

"Thar she blows!!!"

I also grabbed a few chew toys for her. Hopefully they will keep her occupied.
But I know that's wishful thinking.


Only a few days of sanity are left. Then our quiet home will be turned upside down with puppy lunacy. I hope Gracie handles it all. I don't think she'll be aggressive but she's going to be freaked out. We're hoping she will associate the visual similarities of Stella with her beloved sister she lost in September.

Okay. I'll be back over the weekend with Stella photos! YIPPEE!!!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

wOW!!! you really are getting ready for your new babe.....Stella is so so cute.....she will love her new home......Good choice in dog food, Canada,EH.....Hugs Francine.

Tina said...

I guess there is some prep work for you new little girl coming to her new home. After your explanation about what can happen without the right food, I sure hope this is the one. lol Enjoy!

Susan said...

I hope she's a cuddler. You'll have a blast with her. I'm sure it will be different for Gracie and she might be a bit jealous at first. Keep us posted.

jennifer768 said...

LOL!It is so funny I read all the labels on the dog food or treats because Gretchen is allergic to so much but I just grab our food and never think to read the label.Can't wait for the weekend for you and Stella.Hugs,Jen

Ali said...

You've got loads of experience with dogs Karin, so I'm sure Stella will be a dawdle. Can't wait to see her in her new home!

Ali x

Peri said...

Hooky Cat says to tell you that Stella will need far more toys...he suggests some catnip mice.
Remember to get Gracie a special new toy and a treat as well! She was there first you know!
Stella is cute, but she hacks into computers so be very careful. I wasn't supposed to tell you that and now Hooky is giving me the stink-eye. Sorry.
Good luck.

Barbara said...

Orijen is a great dog food...I did alot of research and I also picked orijen...when I bought it at the Healthy Pet Store the owner said it was the best brand of dog food on the market...enjoy your new little girl!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Having two dogs with severe food allergies I consider myself a pro now when it comes to dog food. ;> )
The key is no grains BUT when you have no grains the protein is very high. Protein is acidic and causes tummy upset and (in my dogs) the dark tear staining down their snouts. I'm seeing it on Stella. (My Darla had the same problem) The only dog food I found to be low in protein and no grains is Hills Prescription Diet line purchased only through the vet. It's pricy but it helped my girls tremendously. I'm seeing the staining on little Stella so I'm going to reconsider the Orijen. The protein might be too high for such a small breed. I'll have to experiment. :> )

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

P.S. Grains are evil for dogs. Especially wheat and corn. Same goes for us humans.

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