Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are they besties yet?

H*ll no.
BUT they're getting closer. I mean that literally too.

 photo duo_zpsaeb6bf8b.jpg

This morning we woke up to find our teeth chattering. We also woke up to find our furnace sh*t the bed during the night. YIKES!! Hopefully it's nothing serious and hubs can fix it when he gets home.
In the meantime, me and girls are holed up in the keeping room with the wood stove. Thank the Lord above for wood stoves.

A nor'easter is heading our way. We're supposed to get a foot or more of snow. (That's not bad at all)
But that will give me plenty of time to frog around with my "new" camera. Well, my new camera is over a year old. I just took it out of the box the other day. I'm not one for change. ((giggle))

 photo closeupstella_zps5a9b7b00.jpg

Happy Thursday, all!!


Judi Hunziker said...

I love the nose freckle in the close up! Keep warm.

Peri said...

I am glad you have the wood stove...furnaces which have trouble are not fun at always happens when you need the house warm!
Glad the "littles" are not rolling in an "anger ball" but sleeping peacefully. How sweet of you to cover Gracie..Stella, being a puppy has a slightly higher temperature and doesn't get as cold? Or...she is asleep and for goodness sake let her sleep.
A foot of snow isn't terrible but it also isn't spring! Our trees in my area of CA have started with spring blossoms!!
I agree with Judi on the little nose...however I see a tiny little pink fish!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh boy, that really is one heck of a good morning, glad you have a wood stove.......sweet picture, Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

You're gaining!! Love the picture of them together, sweet babies!

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