Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring?


 photo spring1_zpsd1f21168.jpg

We woke up to about 4" of snow and it continues to fall.

 photo spring2_zps676461df.jpg

Mother Nature needs a swift kick in the *ss.
;> )

Also, I'm slowly doing some spring cleaning and adding more items to my Barn Sale page.

Like these vintage 1930's-1940's kitchen utensils.

I hung them like garland with nylon fishing line above my kitchen sink window.

 photo red2_zps8858509e.jpg


Happy snowy Tuesday.


Peri said...

Ah, the taste of snow in the air when the stuff should stop already!! Four inches of Happy Spring? Well, the plants will be glad of the extra water! See, think positively and be happy that it is not January 19 with months to go before the end of snow season!!
Wait--pretty much stuck in a house with two dogs..one of whom is RP? Spring IS coming, dear...we promise. Hang in there!! Meanwhile, straighten up the collections and send the utensils to ME! Happy Tuesday!!

Susan said...

If it snows here one more time, I think I'll pull what hair I still have out. I am in such a spring cleaning mood that every ray of sunshine sends me running for dust cloths and cleaning supplies. Hang in there, it has to end soon...right?

tj said...

...Oh you lucky, lucky girl! I love snow! :o)

...Enjoy! It'll be gone before you know it.


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