Monday, April 8, 2013

Got the ticking valances made...

 photo ticks2_zpsb9d58623.jpg

My hubs only request was to have them long enough to hit the top of the shutters for privacy issues. I prefer them shorter but I do have to agree with him.

I even have enough fabric left over to make a few throw pillows. How I love happy accidents!

 photo ticks1_zps1d2c4a07.jpg

It's supposed to hit 60 degrees this week!!!
If I knew how to do a cartwheel...
I would do one right now!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic and productive week!!

:> )


Laura said...

Love them great job !

Peri said...

The valances are really pretty. You do lovely work...but of course you do, silly me. That room really has come together nicely.
By the way, when it is 60 degrees in San Diego, people put ON their coats and close their windows instead of the other way around. We like 70 much better!
Time this weekend to introduce Stella to the great outdoors??
Good luck

Ali said...

The valances look really nice Karin. Boy 60F would be a real treat, wouldn't it. And as for cartwheels, I do them like I ski; badly. *fnar*


Susan said...

The valances do look nice. It's 86 degrees here today. Little did Peri know that she was driving towards the sun. See ya soon!!!

Tina said...

They look great!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you kindly, ladies. ♥

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