Friday, June 14, 2013

Today is FLAG DAY...

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I Wave My Flag
by Roger W Hancock

On Flag Day, I wave my flag,
flag of American liberty.
Independence day, of course, I’ll wave,
birthday of our liberty.
Memorial day my flag will wave,
lives now gone for liberty.
Veteran’s day I’ll wave it too,
for all who serve for liberty.
Other days my flag conveys,
pride, appreciation of liberty.
I need no reason to wave my flag,
I wave my flag in liberty.

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Unsure how to display your American flag?
Here's a link to American flag etiquette.

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Happy Flag Day, all.
Wave your flag in liberty and teach our younger generations.

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Primitive Stars said...

Happy Flag Day!!!!! still think the American flag is the most beautiful, even if I am Canadian, :) Francine.

Peri said...

Happy Flag Day! Ours flies daily...with the appropriate light at night when it isn't brought in, of course.
We are appreciative of our liberty and of our country, even if we disagree with its leadership policies at times. It remains the best country of which I know!

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