Thursday, September 12, 2013

Even though it was a record breaking, humid 91 degrees yesterday...

I decided to start my Autumn/Halloween decorating.

I don't decorate like I used to.
From top to bottom.
Left to right and everywhere in between.
I prefer a more subtle decor. Tuck wonderful handmades here and there. Something to make me smile as I walk by.

Here's just a sample...

A precious lil' autumn dollie from sweet Sherrie of Symple Tymes.

 photo halloween6_zps8baab935.jpg

The dapper pumpkinfellow sitting on the chair was made by dear Audrey of Bay Ray's Child and the little scarecrow was created by the dynamic duo Joee and Dylan of Cart Before the Horse.

 photo halloween4_zps48a96036.jpg

Whooooo made this owl? Why it was silly Stacey of Tattered 'n Torn.

 photo 8d24c143-2674-41c9-b7e4-55d17650cc53_zpseab653c9.jpg

Here's a happy spider.

 photo halloween3_zpsa148af26.jpg

Goob aka Cookie of Curds-and-Whey made this smiling, ghoulish guy.

 photo 96dd9cb0-0714-45be-80b9-d782f89eee40_zps629ee5d7.jpg

Little Bartholomew the Bat made by your humble Countryfolk Keepsakes blogger.

 photo halloween5_zpsc048a6fc.jpg

Yep, I like to smile...

a lot.

 photo halloween1_zps57566fbe.jpg

Happy Thursday.

:> )


Peri said...

I think this is a great idea! Monday of this week I visited a home in which the lady has an entire pantry off her kitchen for holiday decorations! She really goes all out and it is all for outside for other people to see. I prefer yours...inside for you and your guests to see. I am going to do just the same thing! Thanks for the idea!!

Carol Roll said...

Beautiful works Peanut!

Michelle said...

Love these...I wonder how your "new four legged addition" will take to the Halloween decorations?

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, looking Falltastic Karin, love all the goodies you displayed, Blessings Francine.

Alison said...

Wow! Last time it was 91F here was back in July. We're expecting our first Autumn storm on the weekend. I got my Autumn decorations out now too.


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