Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You know you’re getting old...

when you burn the midnight oil until 9 P.M.

It's over folks! I didn't want it to happen, but it did anyway.

I'm officially as old as Tennessee Tuxedo.

 photo ten_zps702e1577.jpg

Yes, he and I turned a half century old this week.

Truthfully I'm not bothered by the number. It's just a number. Besides, I definitely don't feel 50.

Although I really hate not being able to see up close.
But my biggest complaint is my once hourglass shape is now more like a bowling pin.
With a pot belly... and wrinkly knees... and chipmunk cheeks... and back fat... You get the gist.

No big shindig. Just a tiny, simple family gathering.

Coming from a tiny, family of crackpots, my family didn't disappoint either.

Here's how my big sis wrapped my gift. Be sure to read all the clippings.
Leave it to her to take the "Abilify Gal" and give her gray streaks in her hair.
Thankfully, as depressing as turning 50 can be, I have no need for the Abilify Gal's "sidekick."

 photo 505_zps88ca01d1.jpg

My sis would be great at making ransom notes, wouldn't she??
I'd better not give her any ideas)

 photo 506_zps8634044e.jpg

What she thought would be a gag gift turned out to be something I'm thrilled to have!
As I mentioned, I can't see anything up close anymore, so this keyboard with gigantic letters is perfect! No more fumbling for my readers!! YaY!!

 photo 507_zps5280ff8f.jpg

It's also a good thing because I somehow wore most of the letters off my old keyboard!
Maybe it's because as my sweet hubs puts it, "She bangs on those keys like Schroeder."
Some of you will get that.

Hmpf! I just don't have a light touch.

So here's our tiny motley crew.

 photo 504_zps8bd36fb3.jpg

My big sister, yes, I'm the mayonnaise face in the middle with the birthday crown (who really needs a tan) and our mama.
I must look like the milkman.

I had to laugh. As my mama was leaving and my hubs was walking her through the house and out the door, I hear her yell, "HEY!! WHEN DID YOU GET A DOUGH BOX????!!!"

Man, I can't get anything past that woman. Even at 75, she can still spot the "goods."

So overall it was a great day like every day of my life.
Hey, when the good Lord above allows you to wake up every morning, every day is a great day, right???

Does anyone want to go bowling?!
I'll happily stand in the lane.

:> )


Peri said...

Congrats on surviving with a modicum of sanity left!! Your sister is nearly as silly as mine!! Your Mom is pretty and I am glad she is still around for you. You look more like the milk than the milkman, dearie! After all you are 350 years old in dog years, or so my cat tells me! Really love that keyboard. . . it can actually be seen in dim light!! You sound like my sister, who has "readers" all over her place! I do get the Schroeder reference and I think your writing is as sweet as his playing!
Happy Birthday!!

Michelle said...

Too funny....glad you had a good celebration with your family.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great celebration with those you love!!

Primitive Stars said...

Your so funny, make me smile all the time.....Happy Birthday, you are so cute as is your sis and beautiful Mother, good looks run in your family......but I hear ya about the bowling ball body, :) your Sister's wrapping paper and I need one of those keyboards too....Blessings Francine.

Carol Roll said...

i see the great sense of humor runs in the family. LOve you kiddo!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday. Glad you had a fun day. xoxo

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, you guys! ♥

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Club! You look gorgeous Karin, as do your sis and Mom.

Happy Birthday!

Ali x

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