Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Countryfolk Autumn. 2013

 photo aut1_zps30e7846c.jpg

 photo 3fb4637d-52c6-42bb-bcfd-f5e566edc151_zpsf646cc00.jpg

Catching some rays.
It's hard to see but she's wearing a tiny two piece.
aut11 photo aut11_zps2d1610f6.jpg

 photo aut7_zps1a03a2b9.jpg

 photo aut3_zpsffde2e3b.jpg

Stan the Beaver is living large and ready for winter.
Maybe he was that Mega Millions winner?
 photo d995f59a-399d-42f6-a863-f7536227a695_zps7e28b4c1.jpg

 photo 31868789-cb6e-4f9f-a7e1-6b34413a4f8a_zps05e0c520.jpg

 photo aut2_zps03244ab0.jpg

 photo aut12_zps1233d01b.jpg

The Leaning Tower of Pisa looks like child's play compared to this fella.
He's still growing strong too.
 photo aut9_zps13bc5c60.jpg

 photo 8ae5c3c1-4acf-4ee0-ad36-f3a79b1b3617_zps03a8412e.jpg

 photo fabd31de-54e2-4ef6-9edb-de6d0f687401_zps1fd0ba0d.jpg

Don't these photos make you want to get outside and enjoy nature?
So what are you waiting for???

Get some fresh air.

:> )


Susan said...

It's too bad we didn't have time to explore when we visited in the spring. I love the fall and all the colors and Stan is rocking his new digs, to be sure.

Michelle said...

WOW...your property is absolutely beautiful. I would be loving jogging thru here!

Peri said...

You made me homesick for VA. Lovely photos. One of my faves is the fencepost with the screw...thanks a bunch for the beauty and for triggering the memories!

Primitive Stars said...

Amazing pictures, such a beautiful place you have Karin, I want to come walking,Blessings Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

It truly is God's country in these parts.
The path in the photos is directly behind our land. It's where the old railroad went through.
Peachy, I tell anyone who wants to visit they should visit the first week of October. Maybe next road trip you guys take can be in Oct. :> )
Peri, that photo is our old brooder house. No chicks in there though. But Bob the Woodchuck lives happily underneath it.
Francine and Michelle, c'mon over!! :> )

Anonymous said...

It surely is a pretty state you live in Karin. Makes me miss the colours where I'm from in Atlantic Canada. Autumn in England is more subdued.


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