Saturday, October 5, 2013

It rained all day today...

 photo leaves3_zps4b08c59b.jpg

That means it's time to stock up on Advil

 photo leaves2_zpsc7e7dd74.jpg

and warm up the heating pad.

 photo leaves1_zpsdbe817e2.jpg

But it's worth it.

:> )


Anonymous said...

You too huh.


Primitive Stars said...

Oh I hear Karin, getting old is so much fun, NOT!!!!!! Love the leaves, wanna jump right in and hide,:) Happy Sunday, Francine.

Peri said...

Ah, the joys of the last quarter of the year! For me, Bayer and the heating pad and smaller piles of leaves, but fun anyway. In my house I just look at pictures of piles of leaves and play with the dog...still need both comforts though.
Autumn in NY is lovely...nearly as pretty as in VA.

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