Friday, October 4, 2013

Yesterday started out as a wonderful day...

First, as I sat at my kitchen table, I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and the gorgeous autumn views.
Who needs to watch television with views like this??

 photo aut14_zps2332ae15.jpg

 photo aut16_zpscef23843.jpg

Next, the state of New York finally paved our side road!! Oh happy days!! You have no idea how exciting this is for our tiny hamlet! We've been waiting 13 years for this "miracle."

The road was so bad, even the deer were like "WTF
ork??!!" when they tried crossing it.
I swear, I saw a couple of them slap down some Cold Patch.

 photo aut4_zps698f1cd5.jpg

Then, the girls and I took a spin around a few back roads. I know I vowed never to take Gracie ever again. But as always, she guilted me into it. She's an 8 lb. master manipulator.
Yes, she barked the whole time. So I drove around with my fingers in my ears singing, "La,La,La... I can't hear you! La, la, la..." and steered with my knees.

 photo aut19_zpsd1127b34.jpg

 photo aut18_zpsaadc62ac.jpg

 photo aut17_zps35c1dc45.jpg

Finally, my sweet hubs comes home from work and informs me the small company he works for received notice
from Blue Cross Blue Shield today stating that due to Obamacare, as of January 1, 2014 our plan will no longer exist and our medical insurance terminated.
After years of having no medical insurance, we were able to get this coverage less than a year ago. So as of January 1, 2014, we're screwed.
I'm sure there are many of you out there finding out this same fate.
If you haven't... You more than likely will. It's just a matter of time.

For the record, I worked for many, many years in healthcare and know firsthand how fabulous government controlled healthcare really is.

So before I type something I may
or may not regret, I'll just type this:

"Ladies & Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and observe the 'No Smoking' sign. "

 photo handbasket_zps6cb209f5.jpg

No smiley face today.


Michelle said...

so sorry about the news. I really still cannot understand it.

Penny said...

Beautiful pics (we do live in a beautiful state, don't we?!).... So funny about the deer....cracked me up!
Sorry about your insurance. Yes, we are all definitely on our way in a "handbasket..." Ugh.

Peri said...

At least there were a few good moments. Have you checked into MegaLife Insurance? It is for self-employed persons and we have not received any notices that it will no longer exist! Part of First Health Network...good stuff, actually. You certainly are self-employed, Kiddo!
We may all be in the Handbasket but at least the company is good....with the folks who comment here, it just has to be a fun trip despite the efforts of our wonderful representatives in DC!

TheRustyThimble said...

first and foremost your photos are beautiful, glad you got your road and I can just picture you driving with your fingers in your ears :o)

As for insurance, I can so relate, we have worked so hard this year to pay off a debt so I can be added to hubs insurance, his is covered and will continue to be. We took got papers from work, I was going to be added the end of this month NOT now!!!!!!!!! his deductible sky rocketed and his co pay went up. Mine was going to cost us 500 a month but now will be 748 a month until the first of the year and it will go up!!! Well all that hard work and there will not be enough left after bills to afford that insurance!! Not unless we give up eating or our house payment?? utilities etc.
I guess this blood pressure issue I have and a foot that needs surgery in my LATE fifties will just have to remain on my wish I could fix it list of life LOL!!

Yes we are in for a ride, and folks should start worrying!!


jan said...

Go online to for into on the marketplace. More specifically try:

Many companies were planning to eliminate healthcare benefits before The Affordable Care Act anyway, but now you do not have to be uninsured. Not a political statement; just hoping this helps. ... jan

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks for your input, Peri and Jan. I am much obliged.
Glad I was able to give you a giggle, Penny.
Michele, maybe I need to move to Oregon? I could live on Mount Hood!
Brenda, I feel for you. Hubs and I saw the direction our country was going and we eliminated some of our debt.

Thank the good Lord above my hubs and I have been healthy. We're going to try to keep it that way too.

Unfortunately, New York State has never been a business friendly state (even to the self employed) which is why most businesses and New Yorkers have packed up and moved out of the state.
What has always annoyed me is we can't shop around other states to find cheaper insurance plans which is ridiculous.
If you think about it, that makes the most sense. If Americans could purchase their health insurance through free market competition, it would drive down prices across the country and everyone could afford it.
Instead the federal government gets involved and the IRS will enforce it.

So I think I will get me a pretty red and white gingham blanket to go in my basket. I will be comfortable yet fashionable. :> )
(Yes, I made a smiley face) I must keep a sense of humor. It keeps me from curling up into the fetal position.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a country that has public health care and now living in another that also has it, I don't understand why you put up with fee for service medicine. Yes, public health care costs a lot more in taxes, but no one is denied access, regardless of age, income or medical condition. No blood sucking insurance companies taking your money with one hand, then denying your claim later if the mood takes them. Stay well folks, because it sounds like you literally cannot afford to be sick in the U.S.A.


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