Saturday, November 16, 2013

Well, it didn't fit in the Jeep BUT...

it did fit on top of the Jeep!


When I found another "Craigslist deal of the century," I couldn't pass it up. Even my hubs agreed.
Boy! I'm on a roll!

 photo settee1_zpsb16d51be.jpg

I've been wanting a wing back settee for quite some time. I LOVE wing back furniture. It has such a homey look and feel. This piece is by Country Manor.

 photo settee2_zpsdbbcdb44.jpg

 photo settee4_zpsfdef4373.jpg

The trip was a little farther than our last. But it was an absolutely gorgeous day to travel. More importantly this time we left (the little demon possessed) Gracie home and only brought Stella.

 photo settee3_zps298cc04b.jpg

She was perfectly awesome as usual.

For my next trick I will figure out a way to get rid of the couch my sweet hubs picked out and replace it with a wing back style one.

Now where did I put that magic wand??

Happy Saturday!!


Primitive Stars said...

Oh!!! You did good again the wing back, I have wanted one to for quite some time but not so lucky..... Abracadabra! Francine.

Penny said...

Love it!! Perfect colors for your americana decorating, which I also love!! Wonderful, beautiful find.... lucky you!!!!

Earlene Landis said...


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! The fabric on this is in mint condition! I think I'll try to stitch up some arm caps. I have no idea how to make them so I'll have to wing it. :> )

Peri said...

Just gorgeous! I am jealous...I love plaid, I love red/white/blue plaid...I love settees...I love wing back furniture. You did indeed find a treasure! As for a sofa hubs picked out...didn't you mention you had a barn...?

bayrayschild said...

OMG! Once again you have scored!
I can't get lucky to save my life!
I've been searching for an old Highboy what seems like forever.
Send me some of your good luck!
Your new find looks great in your beautiful home!


~*~Birdy~*~ said...

OMG~*~ I LOVE it~~~ <3

Tina said...

SCORE!!!!, nice find!

Alison said...

What a find, very nice! I love plaid. Not wall to wall plaid or anything. This isn't Balmoral.


Carol Roll said...

Love to see your finds and how your decorate. Love the way you decorate!

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