Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A good thing I'm handy with tools...

 photo 2ad56eff-667a-4d32-9a13-b7efbb3d9a26_zpsa33daeae.jpg

As much as I love my
almost new plaid settee in the living room, it was telling me it would prefer to be in the keeping room with our Founding Fathers and great presidents.
No my furniture doesn't really talk to me. Well...

 photo christmas12013_zpsa9a41d24.jpg

Maybe just this one time.

 photo settee_zpse01dcffa.jpg

Like I said, a good thing I'm handy with tools. I took apart the daybed, wrestled it and the mattress upstairs, tucked it away and moved the settee all before my sweet hubs got home.

Of course, he didn't notice it right away.
But when he did, he liked it much better.

So now I need to fill the gaping whole in my living room where the settee was.

Did I mention Craigslist has a tendency to talk to me too??


Happy Tuesday!

:> )


anniebeez said...


Dixie Redmond said...

I need you to drive up to maine and help me. But change doesn't go over well in my house! Someone would notice immediately!

Penny said...

Love the settee in it's new room!!! It looks just perfect there. You sound a lot like me.... always moving and hauling things (of course it was a lot easier a few years back when the old knees were just a little younger... :))

Carol Roll said...

Love the way you decorate! more pics please i just cant get enough seeing the way your always changing things in your home!

bayrayschild said...

Ha! I Love It!


Primitive Stars said...

You are one handy dandy lady Karin, is there anything you can't do:). Love your cozy home no matter what you do, so beautiful, Blessings Francine.

Peri said...

Woman's work is just never done!

Susan said...

You rock girl. I always love seeing what you, hubs and the youngin's are up to. I'd take it as a success that hubby didn't notice. That means what you did really worked. xoxo

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