Sunday, December 8, 2013


Today, I went 12 rounds with...

 photo lights_zpsacfe15f3.jpg

a strand of white Christmas lights.

You would think my bout with these twinklers were trying to get them untangled.
Oh I wish it were that easy.

Nope. I couldn't get this seemingly innocent strand of lights off a small four foot section of outdoor greenery.

I knew they were going to be trouble when I hung the greenery around our porch, plugged them in and only half the strand lit up.
Why I oughta...
Thankfully, I have a few boxes of back up lights just for this kind of "occasion."

Mind you, it wasn't snowing. But is was very cold and I was sporting my red flannel PJ bottoms, a fleece shirt, a bubble vest, my Elmer Fudd hat, fingerless gloves and boots. Yes, I tend to make quite a fashion statement when doing my outdoor decor.
I think I figured out why my hubs preferred not to help me.

So I get to work. Ten minutes go by and I barely made a dent. Twenty minutes into it, my hands are numb but I'm still tugging, pulling and cursing. Forty minutes later I'm standing there laughing like Tom Hanks did in the Money Pit's bathtub scene as the strand still sits quietly on the greenery.

Could I have taken wire cutters and be done with it? Sure, I could have. But by that time, it was the principle of the thing!
I tell ya, I wasn't gonna let them get the best of me!

Finally an hour later I removed the strand and replaced it with a new one.

You know, I'm almost tempted to have that strand mounted and hang it above the fireplace. Wait a minute.... We don't have a fireplace. The wood stove will have to do.


Be merry and try not to curse when you're Christmas decorating.

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Oh those lights, seems every year I have that problem, darn white lights, Francine.

Peri said...

And this is exactly why I do not decorate with lights..ever! I had to fight them when I lived with my mother and I decided that, out on my own, I would NOT do them. So far, I have succeeded.
However, three cheers to you for persevering and succeeding. Have a little Christmas "cheer" tonight as a reward!1

Raymond Homestead said...

Christmas lights will always get the best of ya!

Carol Roll said...

hahaha waiting for Dan to come home to do our tree. no way would i attempt!!!

Susan said...

I can just see (and hear) you doing this. You are funny (stubborn, too) but still funny.

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