Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Houston, we have a problem...

Man, I am so glad I bought samples of paint.

Looks like I won't be thinking outside the box anytime soon.

After slapping the Silver Drop on a large board and holding it up to the wainscoting and sink, it doesn't look good at all.

Even though the sink and wainscoting are white, they are definitely a "warm" white and the colors I had picked just won't work.

After being aggravated and swearing for about 20 minutes, I literally threw the paint chips in the new toilet bowl
(no, it wasn't connected) and said to my sweet hubs, "Go fish out a color you think will look nice."

 photo paintchipbowl_zps652e7c1f.jpg

After literally only 3 minutes, he hands me the paint chips and says, "This one and this one."

Guess what??? They are perfect.
I have to kill him.
What took me weeks to do, he did in a blink of an eye.
Yes, I really have to kill him. But not until after this reno. ((giggle))

So now
(as of right this very moment) the new colors are...

Behr's Hazelnut Cream for the walls.

and Ivory Mist for the door and window trim.

But I'm too tired to look for the colors online and post them.

They really do look nice. I'll grab more samples when I go back to the Home Depot for the hundredth time this week and it's only Tuesday.
I need an orange apron.

Tomorrow I tackle tearing out the sub floor.

:> )


Peri said...

Ah yes...the many shades of gray and white...tough to work with! Hubby didn't think about all the things you (or I) would think of...he just looked at what matched the white and picked a beige to go with it. How do I know it is a beige? That is the "go to" color for nearly every man in the country I think. Out here, we call it "Builders' Beige"...no matter the actual name of the paint or fabric or carpet...Ah, the best laid plans! This is one of the reasons that so many guys are on HGTV doing design....they don't overthink..they just do it. After the reno, I shall come up to attend the funeral and to post your bail...unless you find it in your heart to forgive him.

Alison Harriman said...

Hazelnut Cream and Ivory Mist. Sounds lovely. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to get a solution.


Primitive Stars said...

Think it is all great, lovely colors Karin, Hugs Francine.

Maureen said...

Well sure Hubby picked out great colors but only AFTER you had already narrowed them down from hundreds to just a toilet bowl full.

Carol Roll said...

Those are great colors and it is funny how he just picked them out like that. Cant wait to see the process as well as the outcome!

Dixie Redmond said...

Can I just copy all your choices??? Isn't it funny that artists have such a hard time choosing colors?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, gals! You're right Maureen, I narrowed them down for him! ((hee-hee))
Yes, I really believe I over thought the colors.
Jeepers, I usually just go with my first gut instinct. I'm slackin' in my old age. :> )
Thanks again, everyone!!

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