Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've waited and waited...

But unfortunately for me, Matt Muenster and his crew never lurk around my local Lowes.

I kept hoping one day when I turned down the toilet aisle, he'd be there with his cameraman asking if I needed a new bathroom.
Another scenario would be if I turned down the toilet aisle, he'd be there with his cameraman asking someone else if they needed a new bathroom. I would then run full bore at that person, "clothesline" 'em, knocking them out and taking their place.
(Must be my inner fake wrestler)

Now that I know Matt isn't coming to my bathroom rescue, it's up to me and my sweet hubs to try and do a remodel. Nothing too complicated of course. Lord knows, neither one of us knows what the heck we're doing.
Also there's the whole wanting to kill each other in the process when doing home improvements together. ((giggle))
But after many years, I finally got him to agree to tackle this project... together.

A farmhouse built in the late 1800s didn't have an en suite, nor
(in my opinion) should it.
As long as I don't have to walk (or run) outside with a handful of leaves, I have no problem walking (or running) down the hall to take care of my business. I've walked down a hall my whole life to get to a bathroom. No need to change now.

Let's see... We need a new toilet, tub and surround. Ooooh, I'd LOVE a free standing tub! But after pricing them at a home improvement box store
(then rolling around on the floor in laughter at how expensive they were) I stood up and walked over to the regular ol' bathtubs. One of those will do just fine.

We'll also need new shower/tub "trim". That's just a shorter name for handles, showerhead and a spout. I found some lovely ones online for $700.00.
**cough**choke**cough** But after more searching I found a perfect set for less than half and they're prettier than the $700 ones. I also ordered a matching sink faucet.

My goal is to have a charming, farmhouse bathroom. Nothing fancy.
Beadboard is a must. Another must is to get rid of the carpeting. Yes, there is carpeting in our bathroom. Why? I have no idea. It was there when we bought the house and quite frankly it looked brand new so we let it be.

But today, I was tickled pink when I pulled back the carpet in the closet and found the old pine floorboards!! YaY!!!
Hopefully after I pull up the sub floor, the rest will look this fantastic and I can refinish them!! Trust me, for their age they really are fantastic!

 photo bathfl_zpscf17a868.jpg

I'm not sure when we're going to get started. Maybe in the month or two.

This will give me more time just in case on the off chance I happen to run into Matt in the toilet aisle.
But I think I'd have a better chance on "Renovation Realities" than "Bath Crashers." ((giggle))

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

I enjoy visiting your blog, you are such a hoot , make my day......Love the flooring, lucky gal, will look marvellous, Blessings Francine.

Carol Roll said...

I agree with Primitive Stars! Cant wait to see what you do!

Peri said...

I have lived in an old house which needed a bathroom reno and I can tell you that so long as you don't have to re-do the electric, you can handle it. The free standing tubs are cool looking but even the new ones are heavy as all get out! Better a fiberglass tub that 2 normal people can move around!! Congrats on the floor reveal...however, be aware that it won't work in the bathroom terribly well...moisture gets into the spaces between boards and the wood eventually buckles...old floors will definitely do that. We have great faith in your "sticktoitiveness" ..your abilities? Well, we don't really know, do we? Have fun!

Alison said...

I swear, you aren't happy unless you up to your bum in renovations. LOL! Hope the Big Freeze has loosed it grip on you too.


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