Monday, May 12, 2014

Stump Removal 101... What not to do.

 photo stump2_zpse054161f.jpg

I've been asking my sweet hubs to try to removal a maple tree stump very close to our house. We've both hacked at it over the years thinking over time it would rot away. Wrong! This thing is just as solid as the day we had it cut down.

My sweet hubs had a "brainstorm" idea. His country living roots brought him back to if you needed something removed, you'd wrap a heavy duty chain around it and "remove" it.

So he wrapped one end around the stump. The other around his old Jeep's hitch.

Hmmm... I was a little hesitant. So I decided to watch from the kitchen window.

Well what happened next could have been a YouTube moment if I only had my camera!

C R A S H!!!

 photo stump2_zpscbaf0c0e.jpg

 photo stump1_zps8bcac473.jpg

I swear, that chunk of maple had it in for my sweet hubs. Its projectile, laser aim was perfect!!

I ran outside to make sure he was okay. When I saw him get out of his old Jeep laughing, I breathed a sigh of relief and started to laugh right along with him.

Glass was everywhere!! I never thought I would ever say I had to Shop Vac our lawn, but I did. We couldn't have glass anywhere our precious furbabies step. So I vacuumed the lawn.

We still have a little more to remove. But I prefer we go back to the hacking with an axe method.

Next, I must tell you about a fantastic product I purchased and used over the weekend!

It's called "Nature's Secret Weapon." It's a top notch odor eliminator product.

Remember that lovely
(almost perfect) settee I purchased?

 photo rm2_zps2d7b311a.jpg

Well it had an odd, funky, musty basement/attic/
(barnyard?? Who knows?) smell that I couldn't get rid of. I tried everything.
I went online looking for something. Anything. Then I found this product. It was my last hope before I chopped up that settee and use it for firewood.

I'm telling you, this stuff is a miracle product!!! The smell is completely gone!!

It's a concentrate, so you dilute with water to the strength you need. Man, if you have cats or dogs, this product is a must! They've got a money back guarantee too. But I'm convinced, it will get rid of any funky smell you may have.

Although I don't suggest you hose down your spouse after a long, sweaty day of stump removal.

Happy Monday, all!

Wishing you a happy and productive week!

:> )


Peri said...

Ho Ho! Adventures at the Country Farmhouse! I am so glad this happened to your sweet hubs and NOT to you. You would never live it down...not that HE will!

I can just see you out vacuuming the glass and some tourist (like Marc) driving through and wondering if the people in your part of the North do that every Spring! "Yes Sir, just tidying up the yard, you know!"

Will have to try the Natures Secret Weapon for sure! With two German Shepherds and three cats in the house, we have some needs....

Also I have a couple of pieces of upholstered furniture than could use a bit of this product. Thanks a bunch for telling us about it!

Make certain the axe head is tight..check the wedge..before you go back at that stump!
Have fun!!

Danice said...

Oh my, the perils of stump removal. We have dealt with that as well. The thing is, after a while termites usually infest a stump. Can't get those started. We opted to just pay a pro to do the job. To our surprise, a woman did the work. Now I am a very modern woman myself, but this was the first time I'd seen a woman stump grinder. Not that a woman couldn't do as good of a job as a man, but we had just never thought of a woman doing this task. Well, she got it done. Prim Spring blessings :)

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oops! So sorry about the olde stump getting the best of you and your hubby! Glad you could both laugh about it!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Peri, I knew it was going to be trouble which is why I ran into the house! Oh man, can you imagine if Marc saw me vacuuming the lawn??!! He might think I mow the carpets! ((giggle))
Definitely get some of that Nature's SW! I'm still amazed how it neutralizes odors!
Danice, stump grinders are freakin' awesome! We have a small one. But this stump is so massive, it's no match. We had professionals give us an estimate, but I couldn't see spending 500 bucks to have it ground out.
The chunk that flew through the window was just a small part of one root.
Wendy, hubs and I have learned over the years not to sweat the small stuff. Material things come and go. The Jeep window can be replaced. My hubs can't. Hmmm. Maybe he CAN be replaced... ((hee-hee)) So we're able to laugh when we (make that HE) makes these kinds of decisions! :> )

Ali Harriman said...

I knew this was going to be an amusing post the second I saw the title! Glad no one was hurt too by the way. Why is Stella looking rather sheepish in that photo? She get dosed with 0h-dear eliminator too? LOL!


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