Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patience is a virtue...

I am a patient person. I have been all of my life. Except of course when it comes to my computer. Then all h*ll breaks loose. ((giggle))

For years I've been on the lookout for an old, red Jeep Wrangler to buzz around in the summer months. Most are out of my price range.
You all know how cheap frugal I am.
Or the ones that are in my price range are destroyed by rust because of the harsh winters and the salt that is used on the roads here in New York.

I prefer the YJ because of the square headlights instead of the traditional round ones.
I'm such a rebel. ;> )

Well lo and behold, guess what I found??!!!

 photo yj2_zpseqz7lslu.jpg

Where else???.... On Craigslist!!

She was a bit of a hike to get to and I must thank my sweet hubs for driving out to get her. She's not perfect. But neither am I. She needed new "scoots" and a little tweaking.
Don't we all?

I had to give her a name. So when I was on Facebook, I asked everyone to toss out some names. There were lots of good ones. But I settled on the name my sweet hubs suggested. It's perfect for the future plan I have for her!!

Meet... Betsy.

 photo yj1_zpsylgzbop6.jpg

 photo aa4c5757-b3f0-4448-988a-caf622260e39_zps2zy0l3vd.jpg

:> )


bayrayschild said...

You are the "Master of GREAT Finds" my friend!

Betsy is gorgeous!


Carol Roll said...

Oh Wow Peanut Betsy is a fantastic find!

Primitive Stars said...

Betsy is a beauty, good find once again, Blessings Francine.

Lynn Barbadora said...

Love Ms Betsy! Enjoy! Miss you on FB!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, guys!!!

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