Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Stella scare over the weekend...

I swear, my dogs are going to be the death of me. I worry more about their health than my own.

On Sunday, after my hubs and I took Stella for a ride, I noticed she looked to be having a mild, focal seizure as she lay on the settee. Of course I went into panic mode. As many of you remember we had to put down our first Boston Terrier because of massive cluster seizures due to liver failure. It was horrific to watch and I swore I would never have another Boston Terrier. But all that went out the window after I held my sweet Stella. ♥

I called our vet first thing yesterday and she was seen in the afternoon. She was examined and I had some blood work done to check her liver enzymes.
I had her enzymes checked in January and her ALT was slightly elevated. But was told no need for concern.

I mentioned to our vet she has terrible seasonal allergies. As soon as the warm weather arrives and it starts to green up outside, she's itching, digging and scratching at herself like crazy. He came to the conclusion she has bad allergies
(Ummm, yeah I knew that), a slight temperature and ear infection/fluid in her ears. So she got an injection, ear drops and an antibiotic. I got a peace of mind and a much lighter pocketbook.

The vet called this morning with her liver enzyme result. It is still slightly elevated but lower than January's results.
I'm thinking it's diet related. I have researched and tried so many high end commercial dog foods that my eyes are crossed. What I thought was a top notch food might not be. Salmon and chickpea are high in copper. Too much copper is bad for the liver.

So I will temporarily try Dr. Dodd's "Liver Cleansing Diet" then have blood work done again. If the number goes down I'll know for sure. This diet gave me an additional month with our Darla. I will do everything in my power to make sure Stella never has to go through what our sweet Darla had to.

Too bad I don't drink or do legal/illegal drugs. I could have really used them on Sunday.

;> )


Carol Roll said...

uh oh that food might be what i give Henry and Archie, its a salmon chikpea recipe and Archie scratches like he has fleas yet Henry doesnt vomit any more.

Poor lil Stella, but she has such a good momma watching over her. she is such a precious girl. i'm sure her new food will be just right for her.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Jinxie, I was so surprised when I read salmon and chickpeas are high in copper. The next time your boys go to the vet, you may want to have their liver enzymes checked just for peace of mind. That food worked out so well for her too. I've got her on an organic, no grains turkey dry dog food now. But I need to find a no grains and low fat dog food.

Earlene L. said...

Oh my goodness very scary!!!!!
I sure hope Stella stays healthy, she is such a sweetheart.

marly said...

We went through the allergies with our Lab and Nutro lamb and rice ended up being the one that stopped it all. Such a process to find the right one! You're such a good puppa parent.

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