Sunday, September 20, 2015

Subtle Halloween...

When we lived in the burbs we'd get 300-350 kids on Halloween night. So I would go all out and decorate both inside and outside.

I would wear something silly when I answered the door too. Heck, I had more fun than some of the kids.

Unfortunately, we have no Trick or Treaters out here in the sticks. That is one thing I dislike about country living. Oh well...

So I've dwindled my Halloween decor down. Some are handmade by dear friends and some are store bought. But what I have continues to makes me smile.

Here are just a few...

 photo hal3_zpszs2vorrz.jpg

 photo hal4_zpsprjzucye.jpg

 photo hal8_zpshdvbhd0g.jpg

 photo hal1_zpsr76w7gnt.jpg

 photo hal6_zpsdwqfyxug.jpg

 photo hal5_zpse71svlnj.jpg

I never tire of the Groucho Marx nose, glasses, eyebrows and stache. I crack up wherever I put them.

 photo hal2_zpsog01wygq.jpg

When I was a little kid, my mom put a small, plastic witch out every Halloween. I can't remember a Halloween when I didn't see her.
I used to like to twirl her little legs around.
Then I got older, moved out and forgot all about her.

After my mom's passing, my sister and I had to clean out her home.
I opened up the large bin marked "Halloween" and started to go through it.

At the bottom of the bin, there she was!! Worn, but still intact. As I picked her up I can't even describe the flood of emotions I had. I am so very grateful my sister didn't mind me keeping her.

 photo hal7_zpsvtruqa1s.jpg

She will continue her yearly Halloween flight right here where she belongs at the ol' Countryfolk homestead.


Judi Hunziker said...

Missing my Mom as well and you made me tear up a little on the last picture.
It is nice to have things from the past that brought us such joy and our Mothers would be so happy they contributed. Have a great day,♥

tj said...

...I just love your home Miss Peanut! It is decorated perfectly and you keep it as clean as a pin! Beautiful! :o)

...Loving the Halloween decor' too! We don't have any trick o' treaters here either, it's kind of sad really but it's the price we pay to live in the country.

...I've been missing my mom here so much, especially this past week. I miss her all the time but sometimes it hits me hard and stays with me. I'd give anything to hear her voice again or hug her. I know just how you feel. (((hug)))

...I have a Christmas manger that my mom and I made when I was a kid. I unpack it every Christmas and set up the figurines in it and I talk to my mom and say a prayer when I place baby Jesus in it. It is priceless to me just like your lil' witch. ;o)

...Thank you for sharing your decor' - love it!

...Have a wonderful Sunday eve'!

...Peace & blessings. :o)

Carol Roll said...

Love the way you decorate Peanut. We dont get many trick or treaters around here either but i still like to decorate the front porch area. So glad you found the little witch.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm so happy I found her!! :> )

I get my excitement for Halloween from my daddy. Christmas too. He became a little kid around any holiday.
When my sister and I were teenagers (about a week before Christmas) out of nowhere he'd blurt out, "Who wants a present??!!" Of course we'd respond, "We do!!!!" Man, my mom would be so ticked!! But he'd run upstairs, then run back down with a little gift to give us. I can still picture his face when he asked that question. It was priceless. ♥

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...
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