Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tomorrow may be the official start to autumn...

But it started today at the ol' Countryfolk homestead and here's how you can tell.

 photo pie2_zpscqs7deks.jpg

I lit the first fire of the season and these two little fart blossoms didn't move an inch!
Truthfully, I can't blame them. You become completely paralyzed from the "toastiness" when you're next to one.

Man, it was such a picture perfect autumn day, I decided to bake an apple pie.
There is nothing like walking out your door, picking apples off your apple tree and using them in a homemade pie.

Just because my surroundings are picture perfect, doesn't make me the same.
When I bake or cook, I make a huge mess and dirty every dish, utensil, bowl and pot within a 10 foot radius.
If Martha Stewart was to walk into my kitchen when I'm cooking, I'd need to use a defibrillator on her.

 photo pie1_zpsiht3qndk.jpg

Also, the visual of my pie crust is umm... something to be desired.
It looks like I made it blindfolded and with my feet.

But I'm fine with that because I know it's going to taste delicious no matter hideous it looks.
We'll just have to eat it in the dark.

Happy Tuesday, all.

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Got pie ? yummy, my favorite pie. Love the little farts by the fire, cute.Blessings Francine.

Ali said...

I have neither fireplace, nor dogs nor the ability to produce a pie crust you couldn't use an assault weapon. Obviously I am seriously deprived. You have a spare dog, lend me one would you ....*chuckle*


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Francine, I'll send you a slice of pie and Ali I'll send you little Gracie!! ((giggle))

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