Sunday, October 18, 2015

A new addition...

I've always had a love for cows. To this day, I find myself driving these old country back roads only to stop and have a "chat" with some of the gals. No, they don't talk back. But they sure look like they want to.

I came across a very talented artist on Etsy. She does beautiful work. Her name is Colette and you can find her art HERE.
One particular print stood out and I knew it would have to adorn my kitchen.
(That is, when it's finally finished.)

I love the expression on her face.

 photo cow_zpsqdjbqem4.jpg


:> )

1 comment:

bayrayschild said...

I have a weakness for cows and I just love this one you've chosen!
It's going to look great in your new kitchen.
Can't wait to see it!


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