Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's time...

Many years ago, I was on a kick where I was painting vintage furniture.
(for some unknown reason) I started to feel guilty about painting a perfectly fine piece of vintage furniture. You know, the whole trying to preserve a piece of history thing. So I stopped.
Well, I'm back in the saddle again, baby!!

I've lived with this vintage hutch for a little over a year and have come to the conclusion that I need to paint (and slightly distress) it.
It's looking like the "big, brown turd" we had in our living room.
That was how I "lovingly" referred to the gigantic, out of place, brown sofa we had in our living room. Oh and did I mention that was the sofa my sweet hubs picked out? Never let your sweet hubs pick out a living room sofa. Period. Lesson learned. ((giggle))

 photo hutc_zpsmtltqxyc.jpg

The natural wood is just too dark for my light kitchen.
Now... What color do I paint it????
Hmmm. Well I'm thinking red is out because the door it sits next to is red and that could be red overkill.

Here is a red painted hutch kind of similar in style to mine. But again, not the color I would choose for my hutch. But it does look nice painted.

Ooooh and I'll have to get me some new knobs and bin pulls. YaY!

I'm thinking more of a linen, beige or light taupe color like this:

I love the color of this door.

Actually, if I stick with the kitchen wall and trim color, Sandstone Cliff is the darker color that coordinates best with them.

Coliseum Marble is nice too.

If anyone has a suggestion for paint color and brand, please pipe up and throw in your two cents.

If I start feeling guilty I'll have to think back to how lovely my vintage dark pine dry sink came out.

 photo drinksinkcomplte1_zpsyk3vsa2a.jpg

Remember the before?
Holy schnikes!

 photo drysinkbefore_zpsrlzc4lm8.jpg

Yes. Sometimes it's wise to paint vintage furniture.

Happy Tuesday, all!

Be merry and bright.

:> )


Denise Blankenship said...

I hear you. I have a "hutch"... it's a buffet table from the late 1800's and on top of it is a smaller size hutch piece. I've been struggling with painting it or leaving it the way it is...ugh. Yes, I agree. The red hutch is nice but too much red with your door being the same color. I really like the sandstone cliff. That would look great in your kitchen! What a beautiful job you have done on the dry sink. I like it painted verses the dark wood...gorgeous!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...
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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Denise, you have a piece from the late 1800's?! Eeek! Don't paint it!! Ooops, was that a little too forward??? How about, "If it were me, I'd leave it as it is." ((hee hee))
The hutch I have is either a late 70's or maybe even an early 80's piece. So I don't feel that bad about painting it. The other pieces I've painted are colonial (Early American/hard maple) repros from the 60's and 70's. Again, I'm okay with painting them.
I think I'll make a Home Depot run soon!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh I love the red painted hutch Karin, looks so fine. The door color is also nice, it will look great no matter what you choose, love your taste.Blessings Francine.

Denise Blankenship said...

Haha! No, you're good...not forward at all! I need advice on things, believe me. My hubs went to the local flea market and found this beautiful buffet for 30 bucks! I could not believe it! I spoke with a man at an antique store and he said it was from that time. I looked it up online and found out he was right. I was soooo incredibly happy. Wish I could take pictures and let you see it, along with other things I'm doing in here. I reeeally need to get out of the stone age when it comes to technology...Jeepers! :O)

PS~ Have fun at the Depot! :-)

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Yes, please paint this hutch! I like the idea of a taupe sort of color.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ooooh, Denise! Sounds like you hit the 30 dollar jackpot!! YaY You!!! That is awesome!! I love to hear when people get awesome finds like that!
Louise, your post cracked me up! I bought the paint! Yippee!!

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