Saturday, January 16, 2016

Man, am I stubborn...

I was determined to make my "bakery" sign.

So I sneezed and coughed all over, but I got it done.
YaY **ACHOO** me!! ((giggle))
Like I said, I'm stubborn.

 photo basi_zpsri93juav.jpg

It didn't come out too bad either. Especially since I could barely keep my watery peepers open.

Awwww, thanks for the get well wishes. ♥
It's just a really annoying sinus/head cold. I'll be fine and back to my ol' self next week.

Hey Jinxie, here's my Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe. It's pretty basic and old school. But it'll cure whatever ails you!

 photo soup1_zps1h5r9baa.jpg

To make the stock.
Toss into stew pot the following:
whole chicken fryer
3 celery stalks
3 whole carrots (Don't peel)
2 whole onions
4 chicken boullion cubes
Parsley flakes
S&P to taste
Fill pot with water and cover.

 photo soup_zps7rp6qf3i.jpg

Low simmer all of the above for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, I skim off some of the chicken fat.

This next part is a little time consuming:
Remove onions, celery stalks and carrots.
Remove chicken from pot and pull meat off the bones.
Place the meat back into stew pot.

3 chopped celery stalks
3 chopped carrots (don't peel)
I like to add more parsley flakes.

Cover and simmer for another hour.

Cook up some Polish Kluski noodles. Or noodles of your choice.
But trust me. The kluskis are the way to go.

 photo soup2_zpsapveoqcz.jpg

There you have it! I've always made my chicken soup this way. As did my mother and grandmother.

If I could take it intravenously, I would!

Happy Saturday, all.

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love the sign Karin. Oh that soup looks so so good, will make some for sure. Get better,Hugs Francine.

Denise Blankenship said...

Great job on the it! I need to do one of those. My hubs made me a farm table yesterday...yeeeee! We still need to paint it and sand it tomorrow. I've never had one before so I am doing the jig right now! :-D

Carol Roll said...

Hey Peanut thank you for the recipe, i need to try it out asap. Sorry your still feeling under the weather. AND your bakery sign is fantastic, you should make more and sell them!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! ♥
Oooooh Denise, I bet it's fantastic!! YaY you!!!

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