Friday, April 15, 2016

Just when I vowed never to

make kitchen curtains ever again...
I'm thinking about making kitchen curtains again.
Somebody shoot me!

Since I updated the kitchen with a more "white farmhouse-y" look, I've been wanting new curtains. Actually, I prefer NO curtains but my sweet hubs wants our privacy. Which I totally understand.
Lord knows we don't need Peeping Chipmunks or Peeping Woodchucks lurking around the ol' Countryfolk homestead.
((hee hee))

There is something about buffalo check curtains I absolutely adore. I made one for our full bath but never used it. Yes I loved it, but the color was slightly off and it drove me nuts.

Well, I have two fabric swatches. I loved them both, but I picked the color I preferred. Then I asked my sweet hubs which one he preferred. Of course he picked the one I didn't, not even knowing which one I liked in the first place.
(The story of my life)
After we laughed, I grabbed the camera and snapped some pics of the swatches in different parts of the kitchen with different lighting.
Well after doing that I have changed my mind and agree with my sweet hubs. Drat!!!
What can I say, the guy has an eye for color!
He'd be mortified if he knew I typed that. ((giggle))

Anyway... Here are the pics.
The large swatch is Taupe Buffalo Check
The small swatch is French Gray Buffalo Check
(Unfortunately the French Gray swatch was cut where the gray doesn't show much. Dang it!)


 photo fab1_zps5x01p4mv.jpg

 photo fab2_zps0pnrpcjn.jpg

 photo fab5_zpsdosphipw.jpg

 photo fab6_zps8sk5zqmi.jpg

 photo fab3_zps2getsnbg.jpg

 photo fab4_zpsbzy22bx1.jpg

 photo fab7_zpsnnj4zdwf.jpg

 photo fab8_zpszumtg9ib.jpg

So please chime and give me your opinion.
Is it the Taupe? Or the French Gray?

I'll let you know my our choice soon.

Gee, I wonder what color we picked????!!!!

((hee hee))

Happy Friday, all!!

:> )


Judi Hunziker said...

If it were up to me, i would choose the lighter of the two.

marly said...

No sense giving my opinion. It will inevitably change. Twice. Within an hour.

Penny said...

My first thought.... the darker one. But I like them both!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Karin, I love the darker but what the heck do I know, giggle. Blessings Francine.

Dirt Road Primitives said...

I would say taupe......I am more into lighter it feels farmhouse too me....both though are good choices.....


Christine said...

The lighter one....:-)

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