Saturday, April 16, 2016

Survey says...

French Gray!!

 photo fgray3_zps5ut486y2.jpg

My first choice immediately went for the darker taupe color. But then again, I always lean that way.
Hubs picked the French Gray.
When I placed the French Gray swatch against my Soapstone Sequoia counter top it was perfect!

 photo fgray1_zps9rzi71gx.jpg

Man, I LOVE Buffalo Check Roman Shades. The straight, smooth fabric really accentuates the pattern and it looks awesome! So I thought, "Sure... I can make them! That's the ticket!"
Then I watched a few YouTube videos and ummm... no.
From a woman who measures by saying "it's the fourth line after the 3 on the tape measure" Roman shades are not going to happen. Waaaay too complicated for my pea brain.

 photo fgray2_zpsbuwjunjm.jpg

So how can I eliminate the bulkiness of the curtains I made for my kitchen?
Sure they look cute, but it's too heavy of a look for spring and summer.

 photo fgray4_zpsp8uiqifv.jpg

Then it hit me!! Curtain rings and less fabric width.
Instead of doubling the width of the window (like most curtains), I'll maybe do one and a half or even less than the width of the window. Then adding curtain rings will lighten up the look even more.
Since I have black accents (like the wood stove, some painted furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware) I'll keep the matte black curtain rods and add matte black curtain rings. It'll have nice contrast and match what's in my kitchen. Yippee!!

The winter months, I'll have to put up the black homespun curtains back up. If any of you have a wood stove you completely understand why.

Happy Saturday, all!!!

Remember to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. If you don't have any sunshine, get outside anyway.

:> )

Thank you to all who gave me your opinions. I truly appreciate it!!! You guys are the best! ♥

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