Monday, July 11, 2016


 photo pine01_zpstdawbq88.jpg

One room down, one to go. I still need to put the room back together. Or as my sweet hubs would say, "Fill it up with your sh*t er I mean clutter."
But I wanted to share a few photos.

Overall I am very please! But this is not a satin finish. No way, no how. Either the can was somehow mislabeled or their idea of satin is shiny-glossy. I can't imagine what their gloss looks like. Probably have to wear sunglasses in the room.

The wood stove needs to be put in place but since it weighs (what feels like 1000 lbs.), I want to wait a week for the poly to really cure. Besides, I have to load up on spinach to help my sweet hubs lug that back in place. Man, what a job!!

 photo pine_zpsbvc7ldmf.jpg

This time around we're going to put the wood stove in the corner instead of directly below the vent hole. I'm not sure why we didn't when we first had it installed. My pea brain must have not been working that day.

To get it to go into the corner, I have to get the proper "elbow-connector-pipe-thing-a-ma-jig." I'm sure the guy will know exactly what I'm talking about.

 photo pine1_zpsfiymrmes.jpg

Finally, here's a photo of the division line. Man, I'm not sure I can live with this for another few months. Eeek!!

That's it for now. I need some time to recoup after this one.

Have a happy week, all!!

:> )


Phyllis Wood said...

Karin, it looks amazing. I still am in awe that you did it all yourself. Your husband is lucky to have such a talented, creative wife. And I think you're lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Take a break before you start the other room.
It does look like a glossy, not satin finish, but that doesn't detract at all. It looks great.

Maureen said...

Job well done!!! It looks like it would feel so nice under barefeet.
Karin, do you have a source for getting register grates like the one in your picture? ( t least that's what it looks like it is on my monitor....mea culpa if my old eyes are mistaken)
My son renovates and then rents out old houses and is always on the look out for those in different sizes for his renos.
But I digress. I am so impressed with your many talents and your fearlessness in taking on a project.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you kindly, ladies. ♥
I sometimes have to remind my sweet hubs how much dough I save him by all the work I do around here. ((hee hee))
Maureen, your peepers are fine. That is the original cold air return register. I'm about 99.999% sure that grate is original, too. I used to get a catalog called Van Dykes Restorers. They have a lot of great stuff!

Maureen said...

Thanks for the catalog info Karin. Chris has two in the house he lives in and lets just say I would not want to drop one of those on my foot. They don't make em like that anymore!
Your hubs is most definitely a very lucky man. Although looking at Stella's rubber ball collection, I think I know where the savings goes ;)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Karin, I love it!!!!!!! You are such a handy women, you amaze me. Go out and enjoy some outdoor time, you deserve it.Blessings Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

You're welcome, Maureen! you're so right on the rubber ball comment. ((hee-hee))
Thanks, Francine!! I am taking a few days for a little r&r. :> )

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