Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My 999,999 farmhouse project to tackle is...

Putting up crown molding in the living room!
Woo hoo!!

 photo crown_zpsuwl42bpv.jpg

Notice the strategically placed little pink rubber ball (by you know who) in the background.

Man, you should have seen me wrestling these 12 foot pieces of crown molding into ol' Betsy! I'm sure those monitoring the parking lot security cameras at Lowes had a good belly laugh. What's great about a topless Jeep is you can go straight up and out with your contents.

If you follow my blog, many of you may remember the crown molding "adventure" we did in our kitchen. Since both of us were unsure how to install it, I left it up to my sweet hubs to figure it out.
Hey, he's the egghead in this duo.
After I'd hear the buzz of the chop saw cut, I'd hear "Sh*t!!!!"
Again I'd hear the buzz of the chop saw cut and again I'd hear "Sh*t!!!"

He finally figured out the upside down sideways crazy cockamamie way to cut crown molding corners, only wasting 2 pieces. Eh, not bad.

Well, I had to break the news to him again. But this time I smartened up. They make inside corners for crown molding. No corner cuts needed!!
To whoever designed this... I LOVE YOU!!!

I still need to sand and refinish the floor. That'll be my 1,000,000 project for next month.
But for now, I need to continue to work on my Countryfolk Keepsakes Halloweenie offerings!! Ooooh I can't wait to show everyone!

Happy Tuesday, all!!

:> )


Judi Hunziker said...

I can't wait to see it finished, :) For such a small farmhouse you sure can find a lot to do to entertain us.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Me too, Judi!! I had to order the inside corner pieces. They're supposed to be delivered tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to paint the crown molding. Although with this horrible humidity we're having, it'll take a month to dry!
I haven't broke the news to my sweet hubs yet, but we're putting it up on Saturday. Bribery may be involved. :> )

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