Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sure it looks really cool but...

 photo edison1_zpslotrz8xy.jpg

unless you want your room to have ambience lighting of a candle, I'd pass on it.

 photo edison2_zpsdepvtmxm.jpg
There's a long story behind the purchase of the "million dollar" incandescent Edison style light bulbs.
Okay, a million dollars is a bit of a stretch. 9 bucks a bulb is pricy to me. But I bought them anyway.

The gist is, our new ceiling fan is up but I haven't shared any photos yet because I STRONGLY dislike the (bowl style) light that is attached to it. So much so that I removed the bowl and have the exposed bulbs for now until I find a compatible light kit that I like. That's a whole other ball of wax. That's because most reasonably priced ones are butt ugly.
Ooops. Did I type that out loud?

I did find only one that I love... it's hanging in our living room. I purchased that ceiling fan a loooong time ago. We had it in our first house. I loved it because the light kit looked like old antique gas lights that pointed straight downward.
When we put the house on the market I made sure we swapped out that ceiling fan for another because that one was coming with us!

After hubs figured out he can fit it to the new ceiling fan in the kitchen I made a mad dash to the Home Depot to find spray paint to closely match the new fan AND grab some million dollar Edison style bulbs. How cute that would look, right?? Absolutely yes. Practical? Absolutely not.

Needless to say the unopened bulbs are going back to HD.

So... I will share photos when the ceiling fan is complete.

Happy Wednesday, all!!

:> )

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