Tuesday, October 11, 2016

As I was sipping my coffee at the kitchen table on this beautiful sunny morning......

I witnessed an "eclipse!" The sun streaming in my kitchen window was completely blocked for a few seconds! It scared the bejeebers out of me!
As I jumped up and looked out the window, I saw this...

 photo balloon_zpsrmk3gaj5.jpg

I know why folks choose to fly around in a hot air balloon around these parts.
The exact same reason why we bought property here.

Views out our windows.
I snapped these yesterday.

 photo aut20161_zpsdgpjxihs.jpg

 photo aut20163_zpsa5mxlyfz.jpg

 photo aut20162_zpsuwxndxis.jpg

Happy Tuesday, all.
Remember to go outside and enjoy nature's beauty around you.
It's there. You just have to notice it.


Phyllis Wood said...

Good morning Karin. What a beautiful area you live in. They look like postcards.
Have a good day.

Tammy Franck said...

I think that would scare me for a second too! What a beautiful area you live in! Gorgeous!

Denise Blankenship said...

That would scare me as well! You truly live in a beautiful area! Amazing!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Karin, wish the sun was shining here, been dreary here for weeks.Blessings Francine.

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