Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Un-Firkin Believable!

Lots going on at the ol' Countryfolk homestead with cleaning and baking Christmas cookies.

But I was able to sneak away to a local moving sale and found a few goodies!!!

An old firkin!!!! Woo hoo!!

 photo firkin_zpswwyno4dk.jpg

Man, I love firkins. Not only are the cool looking, they served a purpose back in the day. I remember my mom had an old one. But I'm guessing she sold it at one of the many garage sales she had over the years. This one has seen better days but that is what drew me in. I'll take old and worn over new and pristine any day. Many of you can relate.

THEN I spotted these old wooden shaker boxes!!

 photo shakerboxes_zpsfg2nugni.jpg

You can only imagine how I held onto all three with a death grip as others at the sale were eyeballing my treasures. As I put them down to pay, I found myself guarding them in a Bruce Lee stance. ((giggle))

So that's it for now.
I've got lots of baking to do today. So back to work!

I hope everyone is enjoying this blessed season and not stressing over things.
Life is too short. Have a Christmas cookie and relax.

Be merry and bright, too.

:> )


Maureen said...

Your little doll looks pleased as punch over your shaker boxes. I will confess a little jealousy over your firkin find.

Primitive Stars said...

Wow, you are so lucky!!!! What great finds, loving the firkin, way to go!!!! Blessings Francine.

Phyllis Wood said...

I love the shaker boxes. What is a firkin? I love the way it looks.
Btw, I love yiur Christmas decorating.
Your home looks charming. Does Stella mind the changes? Both of my dogs disliked their house being turned upside down.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ladies, you can only imagine my excitement when I spotted it!! They are hard to find and if you do find one, it's usually in an antique shop and quite pricey.
Maureen isn't that little imp precious??!! He was made by Blondie Spence.
Phyllis, they used them back in the day for storing things like butter, flour or sugar. They are just so cute! I love the look of them. ♥
As far as the Christmas decor goes, I think the girls are used to all the clutter around the joint. Even when Stella was a puppy she didn't have much interest in the Christmas tree. Thank the Lord!!
With our first Boston Terrier (Darla) and our mini Doxie (Hannah) we literally had to put fencing around our tree if we left the house! Those two were trouble with a capital T when left them alone. Man, I could tell you stories!!!! But I still miss them so. ♥

Phyllis Wood said...

Karin, I had never seen a firkin before. I think it is so charming. It's perfect for your house.

I'm glad that the girls leave the tree and decorations alone. Boufy, my first dog woyuld take the ornaments off of the tree his first Christmas. And one day when we went shopping, he was mad and "opened" one of my presents.
With Indy, he liked to lay under the tree and roll. With both of them, we tied the tree to secure it.
They were family members. The favorite ones, of course.
I miss them every day also.

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