Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Copper and Quoizel...

Just a few of my favorite things.

First... Vintage Quoizel hurricane lamps. I am totally smitten with them. Especially their subtle lighting. I was blessed to have inherited a few from my aunt and uncle.

I love the floral ones. Deep down I am still girly at heart.

 photo quoizel1_zps8u66ev3a.jpg

I had a pair of these table lamps. Now I have less than a pair. I knocked one over and broke the glass shade. Ack!!
What I remember most that day was after I knocked it over staring at it in disbelief, my sweet hubs blurted out, "I'm glad it wasn't me!!!" Oh how right he was. ((giggle))

 photo quoizel2_zpstlgp11dc.jpg

You would think if I was going to knock over a lamp, it would be the floor lamp version. I am known to unintentionally hip check things as I walk throughout this old farmhouse.

 photo quoizel3_zps3znh7fco.jpg

Love this sweet patchwork one, too. Makes me smile. Reminds me of Holly Hobbie.

My next mission is to find a small, blue floral one for our living room. There are some out there. But my oh my most I find online are out of my price range.

Found this photo on Google.

 photo trans_zpsdbanzkjm.jpg

This little lamp was my mom's. She always had a flicker bulb in it. So I continue to keep the "flame" going.

Another favorite is copper.

I'm showing this photo of my bicentennial Revere Copperware because I spent 6 hours cleaning and polishing it on Sunday. I am quite proud of the hard work I did and have the sore forearms to prove it. ((giggle))

 photo copper1_zpscqzfiuk6.jpg

As I type this late night post, I am chomping on a delicious cinnamon cookie I baked tonight. It's a new recipe I found on Pinterest today. I will share it with you tomorrow!

Happy late night Tuesday!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Oh Karin, feel bad about you knocken no the lamp but I seem to do that to the treasures I love the most. The sweet patchwork lamp is adorable and love your mother's, looks so very cute with the flicker bulb. Hope you find the lamp, Blessings Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you, sweet Francine! ♥

Phyllis Wood said...

Hi Karin. I love all your lamps. My favorite would have to be your Mom's-I'm sentimental. Revere Copperware is great. My mom still has hers from 60 years ago.
We're getting ready for a snow storm, so the cookies would 've a good thing to bake. Have a great day.

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