Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Decorating with great finds and...

a broken index finger.
Long story short... I need to stick with interior decorating. Unfortunately landscaping is not my bag.

So we hit a few sales this weekend because I was on the lookout for a new "desk." As some of you know I was using a small table. But I was looking for something a little smaller.

The last place we stopped at, I eyeballed it from the road! A vintage federal style game table. It was worn and well loved and built solid. Not even a wobble. It also opens up to a larger square.

When the gal knocked 10 bucks off the already low price I yelled out "SOLD!" Even the cows in the pasture heard me. They were like "Who the h*ll was that??!!"
We wrestled it in old Betsy and were homeward
bound. It's exactly what I was looking for.

 photo desk1_zpscju4cvna.jpg

 photo desk2_zpsckbzklwo.jpg

I've got little George on my left side and close to my heart.

 photo desk4_zpskkprpaek.jpg

My very dear high school friend who was also having a garage sale gave me some wonderful goodies!!! Here are just a few.

A repro Washington Inn sign...

 photo desk3_zpslpnstnvc.jpg

And vintage George Washington bookends.

 photo desk5_zpsjxenhryv.jpg

So overall, we had a fun weekend!!
Well... except for my index finger.

Happy Tuesday, all!!

:> )


Jan Conwell said...

What a find! It fits perfectly in that area.

marly said...

You are STILL on a roll of great picks! Couldn't be a more perfect size and looks great. Sorry about the finger.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! I've been having some very good luck lately! Woo hoo!! Now if I could just win the lottery... ((giggle))
Thanks, Marly. Nothing a wood splint, first aid tape and a lot of Advil can't fix. ;> )

Penny said...

What a great haul! Love your new treasures!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, Penny!! I'm still giddy over everything!!

Alison said...

Now that is a cosy corner Karin! Happy Fourth of July!


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