Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I just finished up another Little Betsy Ross...

 photo secondbetsy1_zps2bcse3fe.jpg

To see more of her, just click on the "Extreme & Rustic" button below.

 photo ameriextremeandrusticbtun.gif

Happy Wednesday, all!!

:> )

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tis the season...

Summertime here in Central New York means lots of barn, house, garage, estate and yard sales!! Yippee!!! You know I love a good bargain!!

I've been on the hunt for another Windsor fan back arm chair. So far, nothing. But I won't give up.

I did however find an old ironstone water pitcher. No basin. But I prefer to wash up in the bathroom. So I'm not going to use it for that anyway. ((giggle))

 photo sale1_zpsbos2tya8.jpg

Also, I've been wanting a small tabletop ironing board for my studio. But I found something better! A vintage sleeve ironing board! Perfect for my wee Americana Firewood Folks clothes I make. Just have to re-cover it with some cotton batting and fabric.

 photo sale3_zpsp7zuaefq.jpg

 photo sale2_zpsfp4ngkpk.jpg

So that's about it. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!! Remember life is short.
Get outside. Visit a farmers market. Play with your dog. Sing along to The Jackson Five's "Dancing Machine" at the top of your lungs with the Jeep top off as you drive around.
Ummm. Wait a minute... That was my morning.

Happy Monday!!
:> )

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

They are plain words, these four...

Remember it's the pursuit of happiness.

Wishing everyone a

:> )

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Unsung Heroes...

This past Saturday our area was hit with massive torrential rain like we've never seen before. Local creek waters rose and rose. Areas including our tiny hamlet were hit hard with flash flooding. Central New York is not a flood zone. So this was devastating to our area.

This post is to remind everyone about our unsung heroes. The men and women who come to our aid. No matter what they're doing. Where they are. They come to our aid when called. I especially want to bring to everyone's attention many of these unsung heroes are volunteers. They are not paid. They do this because they want to help. Many times risking their own lives to help save ours.

Not only did the flash flood waters damage homes, it eroded numerous roads.

Amid all the emergency calls regarding the flooding, there were other emergency calls to deal with like injuries from a fall, difficultly breathing and drug overdoses.

About a month ago, a garbage truck lost its brakes coming down a hill in the center of our tiny hamlet. Unable to stop, the men jumped out of the truck. The driverless truck continued through the intersection, hitting an SUV, slicing telephone poles until it plowed into someone's home. Thank the good Lord above no one was seriously hurt. Although the little old timer pug inside the home was quite shook up and rightly so.

So the next time your local fire/EMT department and/or police department are asking for donations, (especially volunteer fire and rescue) please support them by donating what you can. Someday you may be the one needing their help.

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