Thursday, November 10, 2016

Man, how I love a bargain...

There is something about a braided rug that says "home" to me. But they can be pricey which is why I'm always looking for a sale.

The last room I wanted a braided rug for was our dining room. You know, the dining room we never use. Makes perfect practical sense, right??

So I took my own advice and hopped onto Overstock .com. I've had great luck in the past with finding some reasonably prices ones. Well lo and behold, there was the one I had purchased for our main bath... only bigger AND on sale!! ** S A L E ** When I read that my eyes got as big as saucers!!

Smoke bellowed from my heels as I tore up the stairs to grab the smaller version of the rug and to see if those colors would work in the dining room. Sure enough they did.

It arrived.

 photo braidedrugdin1_zpsjygho8f3.jpg


 photo braidedrugdin2_zps30f4naxx.jpg

I do believe supper will be served in the dining room this evening.

 photo braidedrugdin3_zpsekhahftt.jpg

Happy Thursday, all.

:> )


  1. You make me laugh! Eyes as big as saucers... I soooo get it! Heeheehee The rug is beautiful!! It looks so nice in your dining room, Karin. You have such a sweet home. I really love it.

  2. Looks nice, and of course you found a bargain, you always do! I am at the age where I am getting rid of things so I told my family that this Christmas will be home made and hand-me-downs. My son's girlfriend said "oh good, you have great stuff". It is amazing the things one can accumulate over the years that take up room and aren't important anymore to me but are to someone else just starting to decorate their homes. It is a real pleasure to see all the things you are collecting for your beautiful home, thank you for sharing. Your posts remind me of the good old days when I was. Judi♥

  3. I recently stumbled across your blog and was instantly smitten. Thanks for graciously sharing your home and humor. Love that rug!

  4. I love the rug. It looks perfect there. The fact that it was such a good price will make you enjoy it even more.

  5. Love the rug. Perfect colors!!! Enjoy, Janie

  6. Oh I agree, braided rugs say home sweet home. You did great, love the rug and colors are wonderful.Blessings Francine.

  7. Thank you so much for all your kind words! You guys are swell!! ♥
    Hi there, Jennifer! So glad you stumbled across my blog. Man, I love blogging... It's cheaper than therapy. ((giggle))
    Judi, I am so grateful my mom gave me a lot of her collectibles. But the older I get the more I realize why she gave them away. It's all about simplifying.
    Thanks again, everyone!!
    :> )


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