Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's A Sneak Peek...

At my July 1st offerin' on The Humble Arts.

Quintilla the Witch is my first attempt at clay over cloth. As y'all can see, she got her way about wantin' to be green. I thought I could take her, but she was too quick. She may be small, but she's scrappy. Thank goodness she didn't ask for a flyin' monkey.

So please remember to scoot on over to The Humble Arts site and feast your peepers on all the wonderful offerins' from a small unique group of talented artists.

Type HARTS07 into your eBay search and check out The Humble Arts offerins' too.


Rolling River Prims said...

Remember the old commercial for "Mr. Microphone" where the kid in the convertible is riding around town hollaring at folks on the street? His signature line applies here: "heeeeey, Good Lookin'!"

Love this lil girl p-nutty, she is a potion-brewing precious one!

Michelle said...


She is AWESOME!!! You make the best dollies!!!! Your hands were made for sculpting!!!


Dogpatch said...

I LOVE her Karin....her expression is sooooooo bewitching!


Nanny's Cottage said...

Oh Peanut! She's a cutey!! You did a wonderful job on her.
Ok,...tell me that her feet don't curl up under skirt when you sit her they? ;)

Vintage Primitives said...

You have done it again, Peanut! no wonder you are one of my all time favs!

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Oooo..I love her! Great work! She's beautifully green! :-)

Atticbabys said...

Great job as always Peanut! She'll be snatched up in a heartbeat!
:-) Nan

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