Monday, April 29, 2013

How was your weekend?

It was a beautiful weekend here in Central New York so we spent a lot of time outside with the girls.

Stella has discovered she loves to dine on everything outside. But her intestines beg to differ with her. Hence she's cleared every room she's been in because of her flatulence.
Even a bottle of Beano said, "Whoa! There's no helping that! She's on her own!"

 photo gea1_zpsdbdaf6cc.jpg

The majority of my photos I snapped this weekend consisted of blurs.
I've come to realize I really need to drop a few lbs. if I plan on keeping up with these two.
(I type that sentence with one finger because my other hand is holding a chocolate chip cookie.)

 photo gea2_zpsfd1ee851.jpg

 photo gea3_zps586caf0a.jpg

Finally I have a wonderful Americana eagle to add to my selling site. But at the moment, I am unable to take a photo of him.

Yesterday, with one hand I grabbed the thin rusty wire (for his sign) along with my cheaters. In my stupidity hastiness; with that same hand, I placed the glasses on my face and stuck the thin wire in my right eye. **POKE**

Let's just say I now have a slight resemblance to Popeye.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get those photos taken.

Happy Monday!

:> )

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outdoor pretties...

Finally, we are seeing (and feeling) warmer temperatures in these parts.

This weekend I'll get my first mowing in for the year!! I love to mow! Yippee!!

What's even better, hubs bought me a "new"
(well new to me) John Deere tractor!
Isn't he romantic??

As I patiently waited for the nice weather to arrive, I was able to get some Pinterest outdoor inspiration.

Feast your peepers on these...

Plant flowers in old drawers.
 photo garden1_zps43c82f86.jpg

Colored pencils fence. I love it!
 photo garden2_zps98931c41.jpg

A beautiful planter.
 photo garden3_zps6104c295.jpg

Hang an old window from a tree.
(I'll be doing this)
 photo garden4_zpsbcd64ab6.jpg

Hang an old window from your porch.
(I'll be doing this too)
 photo garden6_zps82063b0e.jpg

Use and old shovel as a trellis.
 photo garden7_zpsdf0301cc.jpg

Remember to get outside and enjoy nature.

:> )

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smile and say "Chicken Riggieeeeeeeeeees!"

 photo tri2_zps67cf6d45.jpg
Yesterday, I was blessed enough to meet two dear sisters who also happen to be two dear internet friends!!

They've been on a road trip and made it a point to swing by the old Countryfolk homestead out here in the sticks! YaY me!

Peri drove across country from California then picked up Susan in Virginia. Stopped at a few historical places then headed north. I was hoping to meet Peg too, but she headed back to California a bit early.
(Next time, Peg!) ♥

 photo tri_zps27775226.jpg

Marc was their driver. What a nice guy! He's a California native so driving out here in the rural Central New York countryside might have felt a bit like being in a "Wrong Turn" movie.
(I know, wrong state. But you get the idea.)
;> )

So I cooked up a batch of my Chicken Riggies, a loaf of homemade bread, topped it off with a chocolate pie for dessert and we all had a wonderful lunch together. Their next stop was the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. A place that must be visited if you're ever in my area.

They also brought gifts! You all know I turn into a giddy, eight year old when I am presented with a gift! But I kept my composure.

I now have American Heritage coffee and authentic colonial chocolate from Colonial Williamburg!
Me + Coffee + Chocolate + American History = Heaven.
A historic Jamestowne tee shirt with part of a Captain John Smith quote:
"...he that will not worke shall not eate..."
If you'd like to know the whole quote, look it up and learn some American history.

 photo b377f5c3-5c60-448c-aa76-8f18013e4b20_zps8132f0ac.jpg

I also got a tricorn hat!!

 photo tri4_zps280d264b.jpg

I think I'll wear it when I go grocery shopping on Friday.
Now where did I put my fife??

:> )

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don't mind me...

I'm playing around with different blog backgrounds.
I forgot I had that Holstein Countryfolk Keepsakes logo.

This is what happens when I drink coffee after 7pm.


Don't be surprised if the background changes yet again.

:> )


For some reason, my blog background graphic has disappeared.

I hope nothing happened to the sweet gal who hosts it.

If it doesn't reappear I will have to find another background.
But for the moment it has to be put on hold because I am getting ready for some company!

Tomorrow I will meet in person, some very dear internet friends for the first time!!


I'll be sure to share photos.

Have a terrific weekend, all!!!

:> )

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 photo helpers_zpsa1bb1449.jpg

You will always...

 photo helpers1_zps952dc852.jpg

find the helpers...

 photo helpers3_zps9aa8bf72.jpg

because good will...

 photo helpers2_zpsbfcf4054.jpg

always conquer evil.

 photo helpers4_zpsbfcfa5f8.jpg

 photo helpers5_zps615edbda.jpg

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tough times never last...

but tough people do."
~Robert Schuller

Evil thrives on fear.

Be strong.
Not fearful.

 photo fourth2_zpsd894657b.jpg

Prayers to all in Boston.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How I spend my mornings...

with wild eyed Stella.

 photo 3e839f39-962f-44e5-8385-2e2071e1ae45_zps9a26fffe.jpg

 photo 1e1806ea-8d7e-4e4b-975c-570d70b246cb_zps2bf3771a.jpg

 photo oran4_zps4aef018d.jpg

 photo oran5_zpsad77f200.jpg

As you can see, she's become quite attached to her orange football.

 photo oran2_zps296e9dcd.jpg

Which is why I spend my afternoons tending to my battle wounds.

Happy Thursday.

:> )

Monday, April 8, 2013

Got the ticking valances made...

 photo ticks2_zpsb9d58623.jpg

My hubs only request was to have them long enough to hit the top of the shutters for privacy issues. I prefer them shorter but I do have to agree with him.

I even have enough fabric left over to make a few throw pillows. How I love happy accidents!

 photo ticks1_zps1d2c4a07.jpg

It's supposed to hit 60 degrees this week!!!
If I knew how to do a cartwheel...
I would do one right now!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic and productive week!!

:> )

Friday, April 5, 2013


 photo rooster1_zps77027d45.jpg

Just finished this majestic fella this morning.
Click on the "Critters" button below to see more of him.


Enjoy your weekend.
Enjoy nature.

:> )

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

I found the perfect ecru and black ticking homespun to make new valances for our keeping room!!


 photo ticking1_zps950b526f.jpg

If you're looking for awesome fabrics you must check out Kittredge Mercantile.
It's homespun heaven!

Since I wasn't quite sure of the color, Kathy was kind enough to send me a swatch of the fabric. I received it in the mail yesterday and it's exactly what I was looking for!!

I can't wait to get sewing!

 photo ticking2_zps126582f8.jpg

Now I will hide in the bushes, impatiently waiting for our mailman to arrive with the box. Then I'll tackle him.

I also have a very handsome rooster I'll be adding to my Countryfolk Keepsakes selling site later this morning.
I need to put a few finishing touches on him and then snap some photos.
So be on the lookout!

Happy Friday, all!!

:> )

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have you ever seen something so silly on Pinterest...

it made you laugh uncontrollably?
I did today.


 photo eyebrows1_zps96276d4a.jpg

Someone penciled eyebrows on their chihuahua and the caption read:

"Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath."

Man, there's nothing like a good belly laugh!

You know what else? He kind of looks like one of my aunts. But you didn't hear that from me.


:> )

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's April 2nd and we woke up to...

 photo aprilsnow_zps715e7bf2.jpg

Over the weekend we were so happy to see the snow had finally melted.
Not anymore.

It's funny how the good Lord above works.

Yesterday I felt the need to paint a small sign to hang out on our post by the road for passersby.

 photo smilesign_zps6b8d2041.jpg

Looks like today I'll need to take my own advice.

----> :> )

Happy, snowy
icky poo-poo Tuesday.

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