Friday, May 27, 2016

Decoration Day...

Or Memorial Day is one of the lesser-known legacies of the Civil War.

No matter what the war, please pay your respects and remember our fallen this weekend.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Be Still My Beating Heart...

I know. I know... People either love or loathe ceiling fans.

But when you live in an 1800's farmhouse with no central air, trust me when I tell you...
You will love ceiling fans and I love, love, love this first one!
I can picture it twirling around in our living room. Oooooh... Ahhhhh....

You heard that, right??!!
Ummm... Now I just need to convince my sweet hubs he can hear it, too.
Something tells me he's not going to hear it.((giggle))

They are sold online here.

Happy Tuesday, all!!!

Remember to get outside and enjoy the day.

:> )

Monday, May 23, 2016

First they're in a magazine...

and now THIS!!

 photo hats1_zps2b9ymcna.jpg

If we're not careful, their furry noggins won't fit through the doorway! ((giggle))

 photo hat2_zpsyj4qzs6y.jpg

 photo hat3_zpsaxgjqskw.jpg

Gee, I wonder which cap I'll be wearing and which one my sweet hubs will be wearing??

Happy Monday, all!!

:> )

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cuteness Alert!

Last year when I first saw this adorable hummingbird swing, I knew we had to have one for our wee feathered friends who come to visit.

 photo swing_zps6djlllqn.jpg

Man, I can't wait to see one perched on it! ♥

Also, I have a question I hope someone out there in blogland can help me with. I have a few dear blogger friends who are now unable to comment on my blog. I haven't done or changed a thing, yet they can no longer post a comment.
I have noticed when I type a post, Blogger mentions something about http and https. Is this the problem??

Remember I said I have a love/hate relationship with technology?? Here's a perfect example. This is so frustrating!

I'd appreciate any help someone can offer.

Happy Saturday, all!!

:> )

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Well it's official...

Stella and Gracie are forever immortalized in Country Sampler magazine! YaY!

 photo magazine1_zpsy3xlx7om.jpg

 photo magazine2_zpscs61vgjb.jpg

About a year and a half ago the editor of the magazine contacted me stating a staff member saw my blog online and they were interested in featuring the patriotic, ol' Countryfolk homestead in their July 2016 issue.

I must admit I was completely shocked! Our little, humble farmhouse in a national magazine?! Seriously??!!
I was so shocked that after she emailed me I checked to make sure she was legit.
I've lost count of how many emails I've received telling me I've won a foreign "lottery." Heck, I should be rolling in dough by now! ((giggle))

When I spoke with her on the telephone I told her what I did. We both had a good laugh.

So last July, architectural photographers
(a sweet husband and wife team) came to photograph our farmhouse. They spent the whole day here.

Truthfully, I didn't want to mention it on my blog or to anyone for that matter, until I saw it in print. Today was the special day it arrived.

So if you're out and about and see this July issue of Country Sampler, thumb through it. There are many more photos along with the fun article.

 photo maz_zpsmbfm3l9y.jpg

What's even more special to me is although both my parents are no longer with me, today would have been their 59th wedding anniversary. What perfect timing.
My mom loved to decorate.

I have a feeling they're both looking down from Heaven, smiling proudly with my mom saying
(quite loudly,) "She gets it from me!!!" ((hee-hee))

Happy Wednesday, all. For the second time.

Since they photographed our home I completely changed our kitchen, dining room, keeping room and master bedroom. Oh well...
Thanks for that crazy gene, Mom!!

:> )


 photo kitcurt1_zps1n7agxwf.jpg

Well, it took me longer than expected to stitch these new curtains up. The buffalo check print wasn't square. Ack!
Since I'm not an expert sewer, I basically flew by the seat of my pants to make them look as straight as I could.

What a difference in the beautiful, natural light that streams in now!! YaY!!! The kitchen looks so much bigger, too. Double YaY!!

 photo bufcurtains_zpsoc9xnsly.jpg

My only concern is the length at the sink window. They are level with the faucet handles. I should shorten them seeing mine and my hubs occasional dirty mitts will eventually get those clean, crisp curtains all cr*pped up. Maybe at the sill would be wise.
I'll pin them up to see if I like how they look.

I even have enough fabric leftover to make a valance for the powder room window off the the kitchen.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with how they came out.
Buffalo check makes me smile!!

Happy Wednesday, all!

:> )

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day...

to all moms!

:> )

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Looking for a new front door mat...

I found myself giggling at many of them.
I would consider the last one since it is a rule in our home.

Happy Saturday, all!!

:> )

Friday, May 6, 2016

My sincere apologies...

 photo con1_zpsy9gjkbkw.jpg

to our Founding Fathers for thinking I could tea stain a printed copy of the United States Constitution on parchment paper.

 photo con2_zpsee8ub7ek.jpg

Especially to you, President Madison.

 photo con3_zpsjr4ixf8o.jpg

I will leave this new one as it is.

Lesson learned.

:> )

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Can't decide on a length...


 photo buff1_zps0lp0qb9c.jpg

I finally had some time to get a visual on how the French Gray Buffalo Check will look. Ooooh me likey!! But I'm still not sure of the length.

 photo buff3_zpszqoqsbqd.jpg

 photo buff2_zpsqowaq1mu.jpg

Sorry about all the weird lighting. It's been overcast and gloomy. An icky-poo-poo kind of day.

Do I want them to the bottom wood trim like most standard curtains? Or will they look too squatty because the windows are wide but not tall. OR do I want them longer?? Making the windows look taller since the ceiling is vaulted.
Heck, I don't know!!

So what do YOU think?? I'm pretty sure I bought enough fabric to make them as long as the ones I made previously.

About 8" past the wood trim.

 photo buff4_zpsverbie2p.jpg

Here I pinned them up to the wood trim....

 photo buf5_zpsd8s6zgd3.jpg

Maybe a happy medium would be 4" longer than the wood trim.

:> )

Happy Tuesday, all!

Monday, May 2, 2016

I only have one word to sum up today...


 photo fab_zpsq4lqlmqv.jpg

My fabric arrived!
Time to make the curtains...

Wish me luck!
Lord knows I'm gonna need it.

Happy Monday, all.

:> )

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I ♥ My Nerd...

I like the idea of having my computer at my make-do desk but hate how the monitor takes up so much space! Have I mentioned I have a love/hate relationship with technology??

So when I asked my sweet hubs if he can turn a small, flat screen TV into a computer monitor and hang it on the wall, his face lit up like a Christmas tree!!

I'm pretty sure I saw smoke from his heels as he ran to get the brackets and cables he'd be needing.

Ten minutes later...


 photo desk_zpsblpunfgc.jpg

He's so awesome!!

All I need to do is camouflage those
really annoying hanging wires and I'm good to go.

Now... How do I keep Tommy and George from logging on when we're asleep????

Happy Sunday, all.

:> )
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