Saturday, June 30, 2007

Have Ya Thanked A Farmer Lately...

We took a drive today. Drove all the back country roads and saw nothin' but glorious farmland for miles and miles. I snapped a few pictures for y'all to see.

It made me realize the importance of our hard workin' farmin' community and how we tend to take them for granted.

These folks work 24/7. They can't take a sick day, or have the luxury of sleepin' in or take a personal day off because they're tired. The cows still need to be milked even on Christmas. They work from sun up to sun down and the chores are never done. Far from the glamorous life too but without them, how would we survive?

So the next time ya run to the grocery and fill up your cart with all those good eats, please remember to thank a farmer. I think they deserve it, don't you?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Countin' Down...

I took a gander at our blackberry bushes and I don't know whose more excited about them ripenin', me or the birds.

The crows are pacin' in front of them like expectant fathers.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's A Sneak Peek...

At my July 1st offerin' on The Humble Arts.

Quintilla the Witch is my first attempt at clay over cloth. As y'all can see, she got her way about wantin' to be green. I thought I could take her, but she was too quick. She may be small, but she's scrappy. Thank goodness she didn't ask for a flyin' monkey.

So please remember to scoot on over to The Humble Arts site and feast your peepers on all the wonderful offerins' from a small unique group of talented artists.

Type HARTS07 into your eBay search and check out The Humble Arts offerins' too.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beam Me Up Scotty...

That is my hummin' bird feeder and the "lil' alien" is a male hummin' bird gettin' ready to land. Wouldn't he look cute with a wee William Shatner toupee?

"Live long and prosper."

Monday, June 25, 2007

I've Been Singin' This Lil' Ditty All Day...

Do you remember that Dr. Pepper jingle?? Today as I was workin' on my witch and her side kick, I decided to change the lyrics just a tad.

Feel free to join in at anytime... ♬ I'm a blogger, he's a blogger, she's a blogger, we're a blogger, wouldn't you like to be a blogger too? ♬

Since I finished her lil' toad, I decided to snap a quick pic for y'all to see. Gee, I hope she doesn't plan on usin' him in her next potion. Yikes.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just A Friendly Reminder To...

"A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile." ~Author Unknown

I know it's corny as heck but if ya really think about it, its true.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature...

All these years I thought she only got ticked when ya tried fakin' her out with Chiffon margarine. Boy was I wrong. Although I don't blame her, I much prefer butter myself.

We had a nasty thunderstorm blow through here a few days ago. So today I decided to take a stroll down along the towpath behind our home. I came across this poor pine tree. His bark was peeled off. Let's hope for his sake lightnin' doesn't strike twice. "If you think it's butter, but it's not... It's Chiffon.

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch...

Here's my latest Paperclay witch I'm workin' on for July 1st on The Humble Arts. She keeps tellin' me she must be green like that Margaret Hamilton gal and is fightin' me (her one) tooth and nail until I do. Now I'm goin' to make a comment which might make some of ya gasp in disbelief.

Here goes.... I am not a big fan of the Wizard of Oz. There, I said it. Before you start sendin' me poison pen emails, let me explain my reason.

Its those daggum flyin' monkeys. *shudder* Folks, to this day they STILL give me the willies. I swear those lil' creatures were real. They probably still are and with my luck are livin' in my town.

Chittenango, Frank Baum's hometown is just a hoot-n-a-holler away from me. I'll bet ya dollars to donuts that guy was eatin' "funny" mushrooms when he wrote that story. And I don't mean the kind that tell a joke and make ya laugh.

Am I the only one freaked out by the Wizard of Oz?

Friday, June 22, 2007


Well I finally did it. I've blogged myself. Whew.
Now I just have to figure out what the heck I'm goin' to say to keep you interested. I don't want to be hearin' the sound of your mouse clickin' on to the next blog. Hmmm... So let me think.

My name is Karin and I'm a primitive and folk art doll artist. *click* (I heard that) Boy this is a tough crowd, I think I need a cup of coffee.

Now you either love or hate these kind of dolls and I'm okay with that. Once, after a gal saw one of my creations she said "So you make those voo-doo dolls, right?" Tryin' not to act insulted, I smiled and politely responded "No". Then I thought to myself, "But I know what I'll be workin' on later this afternoon." Hmmppff. She's lucky I didn't have my scissors with me. I just might have taken a snip of her hair.
:> )

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