Friday, December 12, 2014

A Countryfolk Christmas...

 photo 4c4c5ef0-4a2d-48bd-a8d8-45a5c37729e5_zps0eb511ac.jpg

 photo christ4_zpsb90adeaa.jpg

 photo christ1_zps75d9de26.jpg

 photo d469fc00-066c-47dc-ad0b-237d9e56fbfa_zps5c36e0f1.jpg

 photo christ5_zps895ab275.jpg

 photo christ2_zpsc57a85d3.jpg

 photo eefa9a55-cd98-4358-8894-628033ac4d0c_zps9931767b.jpg

 photo 72772a41-0139-4e2c-aae6-7555f1a79c31_zps84ae1bba.jpg

 photo christ2_zps9e8aebcc.jpg

 photo snow1_zpsf6bf38fc.jpg

Be merry.
Be bright.

:> )

Thursday, December 11, 2014

YaY!!! We got lots of snow...

 photo 03e7a08e-a2b8-46e6-beb8-0351abe017d8_zpsf0f3160d.jpg

 photo 3d111b8e-e8c8-4510-ad40-3554822a1f3e_zps363cbd86.jpg

 photo 733f25f4-eecc-49a9-a427-0e25f1bb6f71_zps3d7e4d2d.jpg

 photo outdoorchrist4_zps7ea9fd4b.jpg

Now it feels like Christmas.

:> )

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm slowly decking the halls...

Boy! I can't believe Christmas is a little over three weeks away!

I was hesitant on decorating like I do. But I know my parents wouldn't want me to wallow in sadness missing them this holiday season. So I won't. ♥

I started with my little Americana tree. This tabletop tree was my mom's. Although slightly battered and extremely crooked, I was able to prop her up and decorate her in a little Americana glory.
I think Mr. Franklin is pleased too.

 photo ameritree1_zpsca2e173e.jpg

What better tree-topper for an Americana tree than a United States (pocket) Constitution. Perfect!

 photo 00b47d54-0241-411a-86c7-d4c5482f9450_zps000c9f01.jpg

The past few months I've admired those really skinny "pencil" trees. They aren't like the skinny scraggly alpine trees. These are skinny yet full.

So I decided to go for it!!

 photo christtreeone_zps3e533af1.jpg

I must admit, I liked it. But I wasn't really loving it like my old, slightly chubbier tree. But it is starting to grow on me.
Even though it took me the same amount of time to string the lights and decorate it, I LOVE the room we still have in our living room!!

So I'm off to do more holiday decorating to make my parents proud.

I'll be back with more photos.

Remember to be merry and bright.

:> )

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