Monday, June 25, 2007

I've Been Singin' This Lil' Ditty All Day...

Do you remember that Dr. Pepper jingle?? Today as I was workin' on my witch and her side kick, I decided to change the lyrics just a tad.

Feel free to join in at anytime... ♬ I'm a blogger, he's a blogger, she's a blogger, we're a blogger, wouldn't you like to be a blogger too? ♬

Since I finished her lil' toad, I decided to snap a quick pic for y'all to see. Gee, I hope she doesn't plan on usin' him in her next potion. Yikes.


Nanny's Cottage said...

Oh Peanut! How cute!!

Michelle said...

That little frog is sooo adorable! I can't wait to see the doll!

Your blog is magnificent!!! I am so thrilled that you are blogging!


Annie said...


You are a big ole ray of sunshine!!!


Rolling River Prims said...

ahem... shouldn't that be "i'm a goober, he's a goober, wouldnt you like to be a goober too?" :D

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