Friday, June 22, 2007


Well I finally did it. I've blogged myself. Whew.
Now I just have to figure out what the heck I'm goin' to say to keep you interested. I don't want to be hearin' the sound of your mouse clickin' on to the next blog. Hmmm... So let me think.

My name is Karin and I'm a primitive and folk art doll artist. *click* (I heard that) Boy this is a tough crowd, I think I need a cup of coffee.

Now you either love or hate these kind of dolls and I'm okay with that. Once, after a gal saw one of my creations she said "So you make those voo-doo dolls, right?" Tryin' not to act insulted, I smiled and politely responded "No". Then I thought to myself, "But I know what I'll be workin' on later this afternoon." Hmmppff. She's lucky I didn't have my scissors with me. I just might have taken a snip of her hair.
:> )


Annie said...

Hey there! Nice to see your beautiful blog! Your work is amazing!

I once had a woman wizz by me into my booth at a show, avoiding my friendly, "hello."

She picked up one of my dolls and said to her friend, "They look possessed."

I looked at her very seriously and said, "They are...and looked around as if to say,'s a secret."


EarlyWorks said...

This made me laugh out loud. You know what you`ll be doing later. Good one!Melanee

Nanny's Cottage said...

That's too funny, Peanut!
I've had them to ask: "Can't you just make a normal doll?"
So what is 'normal'?

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