Sunday, July 1, 2007

Childhood Toys and Books...

Ahhhh... I can still remember the smell of Colorforms and Play-Doh. I thought it was "magic" when that strip popped up in my GE Show'n Tell. Ooooh, how I loved my Light-Brite. Yep, I did have Barbie and Ken but The Sunshine Family ran circles around them. Speakin' of circles, that's the one reason why I didn't enjoy my Etch A Sketch. Circles were next to impossible to make. I much preferred my Spirograph. Y'all could make some very groovy designs.

I am truly blessed because my mama saved some of my childhood toys. I haven't gone through the boxes in awhile, but I think its time to go through them again. All sorts of emotions hit me when I do so I usually keep a big ol' box of tissues near me. I still hug my dollies like I did as a young'un and talk to them too. They don't talk back, but I know what they're thinkin'.

I have a very special bear. His name is Ted. Ted has been around longer than I have. Ya see grandma bought this bear for me when she heard I was comin'. But grandma passed away before she got the chance to meet me. Which is why I have this very special bear.

One of my favorite childhood books is called "Bonhomme" by Laurent de Brunhoff. Its a wonderful story about this adorable lil' feller who lives under a tree at the top of a mountain. I was thrilled to purchase a copy of it a few months ago. I have it displayed so every time I walk by it, I smile.

See, he made ya smile.
:> )


CARole said...

Oh when i read about the bear that grandma bought you before you were born, my mouth dropped open when i read she didn't live long enough to meet you. How sad. That little bear my mean a lot to you! Your house is just lovely!!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank ya kindly for the compliment Carole!
Nope, I never did get to meet her, but my daddy always told me I look like her. :)

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