Thursday, July 5, 2007

When Did I Get So Old...

Have you asked yourself that question lately? My brain is telling me one thing and my body is telling me another.

The first warm day of summer, I went to put on a pair of shorts. I looked down and saw a pair of wrinkly knees.
What the?!
Where did THOSE come from?!
For a moment there I thought I started taking off my pantyhose and forgot about 'em. Nope, those were my knees.
When did I get so old?

Same thing with "crow's feet" around my eyes. Well isn't that a "lovely" expression.
Now I've got a lil' bird stomping across my face when I least expect it.
Laugh lines? Who says they're funny.
When did I get so old?

Or have you found yourself singing along to the songs in the grocery store?
That's as bad as elevator music. Who would have thought I would hear "Stayin' Alive" as I strolled down the canned fruits isle?
But I did and I still can't hit that high note like those Gibb brothers.
When did I get so old?

So the bottom line (I guess) is you're as young as you feel. Well, I still feel like a kid but when I look in the mirror I keep seeing my mama staring back at me.



Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh, Karin, I laughed so hard at this--I guess that means I see a lot of myself here?!!Wonderfully written!


(We'll have to exchange links - I'll add you to my blog!!)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks Nancy! I've got ya added!
Well, I guess I'm not the only one out there tryin' to grow old gracefully, huh. :) I'm tempted to put rubberbands around my thighs to get rid of the knee wrinkles. :)

Rolling River Prims said...

ok, this is just flat out hilarious Goob! Sure is something I can relate all too well to. And hey, I remember that rubber band trick too!!
very funny buddy :)

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, my! Yes indeedy. I don't so much see my mama, but I do see Aunt Ruby and Aunt Mary in the mirror. Uh-oh.

yeah, I've got wrinkly knees and crows-feet and all the other wonders of aging. It's enough to make me want to turn the mirror to the wall on some days. BUT then I think about how much this old body has carried me through - all the glories and foolishness of youth as well as the nose to the grindstone of adulthood. Then I think I look pretty good! ;-)


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