Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lazy Dog Days Of Summer...

Well maybe for my Darla, but not for us. We're gettin' ready for our barn sale this comin' weekend.
It's been 5 years since our last one and Lord knows we need to do this.

Its also the weekend for the Madison-Bouckville Outdoor Antiques Show.

If you ever get the chance to come out to these parts, this antique show is a must. It's about 15 minutes from our home. Folks from all over come to walk the beautiful central New York countryside and purchase all kinds of goodies.

So if you happen to be headin' out to the show, swing by the ol' Countryfolk Keepsakes homestead and check out our sale. We may not have a boatload of antiques, but we will have a "Free Box". I reckon ya won't find that at their sale.
:> )

Oooooh, and lookie at this... My dear friend Cookie/Rolling River Primitives tagged me for the "You Are A Doll Award". Thanks Goob!!

Hubs chuckled at that one. He knows all too well my "Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome", better known to many of us gals as PMS. He walks around the house with garlic around his neck and steers clear from me for a few days out of the month. He's a wise feller... :> )

Here's my pick of five:

Blondie~Vintage Primitives
Cookie~Rolling River Primitives
Tink~The Blackberry Briar

There are soooo many more I could add, but I'd be sittin' at the computer typin' names 'til the cows come home.

1 comment:

Cookie said...

I have to lol at the Jeckyl and Hyde comment... mine is more like Heckel and Jeckel!

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