Monday, September 24, 2007

Gee, I Don't Feel Any Different...

Well, its official. I'm another year older today. We had a small gatherin' of my family over yesterday to celebrate, which gave me all the more reason to have two (okay three) helpins' of delicious strawberry shortcake.

I tend to get quite sentimental this time of year because my pa is no longer with us. I get flooded with memories of birthdays past. My parents were (Mamma still is) quite original and loved to give us themed (but humble) birthday parties. I remember one year, (I think it was for my 8th )everyone had to bring their favorite dollie to my party. My Pa was the "official" judge (he had the badge to prove it) and he pinned on a special ribbon for each dollie. Not one dollie went without a ribbon, so they were all special. There were categories for the tiniest, sweetest, longest hair, largest... Now I know why mamma kept lookin' at all the dollies, then runnin' into the other room with a marker in her hand. She was makin' the ribbons up as she saw the dolls. I cherish those memories and thank the good Lord above for the invention of the 8mm camera. We have it all on film. :> )
My parent's neighbor Alma, has been like a grandma to me. She's been around since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. She's 85 and she doesn't look a day over 60!! Next time I visit her I'm bringin' a ladle. I'm goin' to dip into that fountain of youth of hers and take a swig. I'm sure its hidden somewhere in her house and I'm on a mission to find it.

She gave me a beautiful hand painted platter. It was her mamma's and she wanted me to have it. She told me how it was always displayed, but on Christmas her mamma would take it down, place a doily on it and fill it with Christmas cookies and Chrusciki. I will carry on her tradition and do the same.

I must say I felt like a kid again as sat and opened up such lovely gifts. I also received wonderful gifts from my internet "family". Thanks gals, y'all know I love ya! I wish you could have been here. Oh well... Looks like I'll have to have a piece of strawberry shortcake for each of ya. **burp**

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