Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

I'm so very grateful my mamma saved so many of my childhood "works of art."

I remember makin' this back in elementary school.

Even though Snoopy looks like he's been through the wringer, he has managed to stay vertical on his red toothpick skis after all these years.

Y'all remember makin' Christmas ornaments out of a school milk carton? It was so much fun drawin', paintin', cuttin' and pastin'!

The best part for me was bringin' it home to show mamma and daddy my new handmade treasure. I protected that thing like it was the Hope Diamond until I got it safely off the school bus and into our home. I just wished they had those velvet ropes on the bus. Then I could drape one across my seat to make sure nothin' happened to my masterpiece.

I'm not sure the young'uns today are allowed to make Christmas ornaments in school because of all that political correctness BS these days. How very sad. :> (

I can't for the life of me figure out what could be so offensive about makin' a Christmas ornament anyway.

Well, there is one thing which could be very offensive. That would be the sour milk smell I couldn't get out of that milk carton no matter how many times I scrubbed it. But over time it did finally go away. :> )


Humble Origins said...

...That is too cute! What a wonderful thing to have from your childhood... Oh, and I'm glad that the sour milk smell finally left too! lol... ;o)

The Primitive Lady said...

Hey Karen!
How the heck are you? You have the BEST sense of humor of anybody I have EVER known! When you need to laugh, go see you! Anyway, I added you to my blog. I FINALLY started one. Hope that's okay.
I sure do miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

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