Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cookies Delivery....

Well, I have all my cookies wrapped and ready for delivery! I dropped them off to all our neighbors, the folks at the post office and my sweet hubs will deliver the rest for me tomorrow.

Ya know, I love to bake all year round but for some reason they just taste better this time of year. :> )


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Wowza! You sure make some delicious looking cookies. Now you know why I didn't post many pics of mine; LOL.
Big hugs to YOU

kat449 said...

Hey Peanut,
I dont know how to leave you my link for my blog...but Sherrie from Symple tymes was kind enough to include my link on her list of blogs....I hope that helps...scaredykaterpillarsnomore

Your cookies are exquisite!!! I can smell them up the road a piece in Conn.!!!! lucky postal crew!!!!!

Humble Origins said...

...Gosh - You are so nice! Not only the beautiful cookies but the way they are delightfully wrapped with the tag and all...Girl, you are too much!

...I'm tellin' ya, if I find out your address I am so parking myself on your porch! lol... ;o)

...Beautiful cookies and so kind of you too! Merry Christmas!

Greeneyez2 said...

Wow, those look so delicious and the presentation makes me look really bad, lol. I've been cooking too, but not near as creative as you.
Merry Christmas Peanut!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes...everything looks nice...think I will park on your porch Great Grandfather was Polish...and my Grandfather loved playing the acordian. Their name was Wisneske. (found you through Kat)....xxxxRobby

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