Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kat says, Tag... You're It!!

Is that anythin' like "Duck, Duck, Goose?" Man, I'll never be able to get up and run around everyone like I used to.

OH! I'm supposed to share five things about myself that y'all may not know about me. Let's see...

1. I'm a New York State licensed hairdresser. Yep, its true. By lookin' at my wild dollies hair-dos; I reckon y'all would have never thought so. It must be the rebel in me not wantin' hair to be neatly coiffed.

2. I love Brussels sprouts.

3. I was on my honeymoon in Cancun Mexico when Hurricane Gilbert hit back in 1988. We were stranded there for a week. Needless to say the marriage ended in divorce. I should have (literally) taken that as a sign from above tellin' me, "I told ya not to marry him!"

4. As a young'un I wanted to be a background dancer for the Carol Burnett Show. But I've got two left feet so instead I just stood in front of the television and "danced" along with them. I guess a Solid Gold Dancer was out of the question too. Hmmppff!!

5. When I was 4 years old, my folks had a big ol' B-B-Q with lots of family and friends over. I came flyin' out the back door in front of everybody, buck neked with only my red rubbers on. I threw my arms up in the air and yelled "Ta-dah!!!!" I bet my hubs wished I would do that now for him. (Sorry darlin', those red rubbers wouldn't fit me anymore) We still laugh over that one. A few years back my sister presented me with a doll, callin' it "Childhood Flashback starring... Karin". Its hysterical and it graces my work room.

Here are the 5 I've tagged next.


Okay Dix, you asked for it...



Dixie Redmond said...

I want to see a picture of the "Childhood Flashback starting Karen"...

Dixie Redmond said...

THAT is hilarious! What a funny!

kat449 said...

HYSTERICAL!!!!!!I was kinda weepy when I saw the melted frosty... but then I scrolled and then I rolled!!!!Thanks for the giggle. Kat

Sam I Am said...


do you still have your Stewie doll?? I think you need to take stewie on field trips and take pics of him everywhere lol

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