Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Went For A Walk Today...

Ahhhh! It felt so good to get these ol' bones out in the cold, crisp air and snap some pics.

Even in the dead of winter, nature's colors shine through.

As I can upon this soda can someone had deliberately placed on this stick; I felt extreme sadness.

I thought, "Why would someone want to ruin this God given beauty we are blessed to have surround us?" "Have they no respect for anythin'?" "Do they not care?"

Nope, I truly believe they don't. How can they respect nature, when as a society we don't respect ourselves. What saddens me most is, we have become so desensitized to everythin', there's no turnin' back.

I remember that television commercial about anti-pollution back in the 1970's. Iron Eyes Cody paddles in his canoe through a stream riddled with trash. He watches as folks toss garbage out their car window as it lands near his feet. He then looks into the camera and a tear streams down his cheek. Now I know that feller wasn't a real Native American Indian, but it definitely hit home with me even as a young'un.

I'm sure many of our forefathers are rollin' over in their graves right about now.

1 comment:

kat449 said...

Whoever left that should have a stick in their can, and see how they like it... some peoples kids...sigh!

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